Thursday, February 2, 2012

Vintage suitcases

I WILL take one on a trip.  Someday.  Somewhere.  

I do get out of town, but it never seems practical to take one of these sweet vintage suitcases with me. 

They don't meet carry on measurements.
They are not very weather resistant to throw into the back of our truck for a ski trip to Jackson Hole.
They are not conducive to camping.
They make my husband roll his eyes when I bring home another and carry them about.

But really.... as I look at this picture, I'm thinking an over-nighter:  suitcase, polka dot sweater & thrift shopping.  I'm ready!

In fact, I sleep next to one every night...

I originally had a stack of 3 as my nightstand.  Then I found this one.  "Really, another one?" But the STRIPES!  It's my favorite, so it stayed.  

But if you're a little low in the vintage suitcase department, I maybe able to assist.  Perhap  you're ready for a trip with a little vintage flair, looking for a unique side table, or wanting a different container for you magazines, blankets, or books.

(All SOLD)

Vintage tweed, green-hued striped suitcase with leather handle and binding on the edges - sold

Vintage large tweed suitcase with sweet yellow handle - sold

Both are in good vintage condition, some discoloration from seeing many years, but both have been cleaned.  Interior is in good condition for both.  (Compare to Etsy, plus no shipping costs!)

Contact me via email: , if you would like to take a closer look! Items are available as a cash only, local pick-up sale.  I am located in Chubbuck, ID.   

Happy Ground Hog day!

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  1. You did an awesome job with the night stand suitcase! looks lovely

    Abi K