Monday, May 11, 2015

Goodies Available!!! Ladder, vintage quilt, chippy chair & more!

If you find yourself drawn to an item on my blog, just give me a call/text and we'll plan a time for you to take a look!  I sell items locally, in Chubbuck (Pocatello), Idaho.

Vintage Wood Ladder $26

Vintage Hand-Pieced Quilt  $ 36 
Good condition, and so sweet!

White Chair $12
Chippy in all the right places!  Great for a quilt, plant, photo prop or on the porch.  Back rungs would need glued and tightened for every day use.

Wire Basket $5

 Large Navy Suitcase ~ Vintage $28
(The accent color is more of a rust than orange)

Vintage Radio in tweed case $18
Great open or closed with such texture from the case, clasps, and handle.  Not in working condition, and missing knobs.

Large Glass Canister $14
Love that red handle!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Items for Sale: Vintage 3 drawer small dresser, window, hat boxes, milk glass, wood crate & more!

If you find yourself drawn to an item on my blog, just give me a call/text and we'll plan a time for you to take a look!  I sell items locally in Chubbuck (Pocatello) Idaho.
Just a reminder, Mother's Day is just around the corner, feel free to tag anyone who needs a hint to my post on Facebook or Instagram (hint- husbands!)

Antique Dinwoody 3 drawer dresser ~ sold

The piece is a 'found' piece, the paint, chipping, texture, and character have all happened over time and use!

She's the real deal, with wooden caster wheels!

Key holes need no explanation of their amazingness!
I wonder if at some time a gal put some textured wall paper on this piece... then another gal painted over that...

which has just resulted in her overall character!

A numbered piece, stamped on the back.

Large 2 pane window ~ sold
(Full disclosure, there is a crack in the glass in the upper left corner, dang!)

Cool hardware!

Vintage Hat Boxes - great for stacking, storing, or adding color!
Gold stripe $10
Pilgrim Hat Box $12

Sweetest Candy dish with spoon!  $9

Creamy creamer $5

Milkglass Vase ~ sold
(moss orb not included)

Assorted jars - 
Altas canning jar with measurements & grey lid $2
Apothecary style jar $5
Curved square jar $4
($10 takes the set)

Vintage Fruit Crate $18
That pink, blue & teal?!  Seriously!

Illum-Sight Mark 10 cool wood box $16
(If anyone knows what this was actually used for, clue me in!  I was drawn to the typography and tight tongue and groove woodwork!)

Metal tray ~ sold
(Fabulous for holding so many things!  Craft items to paper clips, flowers to mints!)

If you find yourself drawn to an item on my blog, just give me a call/text and we'll plan a time for you to take a look!  I sell items locally in Chubbuck (Pocatello) Idaho.
Just a reminder, Mother's Day is just around the corner, feel free to tag anyone who needs a hint to my post on Facebook or Instagram (hint- husbands!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

On Sale!! Finds for Sale: Green Bookshelf/Bench, Wood Paddle,Birdcage & more

Shabby Green Bookshelf ~ sold
measures : 36.5 inches wide, 10 inches deep, 20 inches tall
 sturdy and heavy

Chalkboard ~ natural wood frame $14 (reduced!)

Wood Paddle ~ sold
Look close, it has a worn Indian headdress painted on it!
The paddle on the horizontal provides different design possibilities!

The bookshelf could also be used as a bench, with a place for shoes on the bottom shelf.
Or imagine adding caster wheels to the bottom ~ oh, it just became so hip!
But I left it without wheels, in case it goes into a boy's room.  Boy's and wheeled furniture, oh my! 

Metal Wire Basket $5 (reduced)
Blue Metal Basket ~ sold

Oak Wood Divided Box ~ sold

The shelf is also a perfect height for under a window.
Spring has sprung, and we've started seeds!

Rusty open tool box $8 (reduced)
I was tempted to keep this and put flowers in it!

Cream Metal Birdcage $16 (reduced!)
Have you seen these filled with books or candles?  So pretty.  Bottom slides out to easily add decor.

Contact me to purchase ~ call or text 208-390-8653

Monday, March 23, 2015

Junk on my sofa table

I had good intentions of sharing these photos with you before the Wildhare Vintage Flea, but between painting, cleaning, pricing, prepping, and some sleep, I just wasn't at my computer to put a few words with them.  You've  seen or heard the phrase, It Doesn't Have to be Perfect to be Beautiful, somewhere in the land of blogs, Pinterst, or home decor magazines.  That pretty much sums up my decorating philosophy.  

I played around with my sofa table after the holidays, pulling out both new and old finds.  The globe is the only item we purchased new, and that was years before we even had our son.  Everything else was from a yard sale or thrift shop,etc.
I love the color on this trunk, and it is great storage for DVDs and game remotes.  If you just thought to yourself~" I love that idea", give me a ring, I have 3 trunks currently available, this one is my absolute favorite, although it was a tough decision!  This trunk has faint addresses on it, showing it traveled from New York to California.

This camera is not as old as the other, but I was drawn to keep it with the contrast of the leather, black, and silver metal.  It echoes the silver of the book ends. Speaking of books, they are so great for adding color and an easy way to vary the height of items in a vignette.  Apparently many of you agree, I sold multiple book stacks from my booth last weekend, thank you!

This little pottery piece is not junk at all, I made it at a craft night with my kiddo, and it's a fond memory of when he was a little guy.  It hold bits of sea glass that our little family picked up from the coast during a backpack trip.  This little pot and tumbled glass is more valuable to me than anything else on the table.
Decorate your home with something meaningful to you.

The plate is a thrift store find, stamped USA on the bottom.  Plates can help corral 1-3 small items together, and are a great perch for candles to protect your furniture from becoming too hot when you light them.  This poem fell out of an old book, it's a good read to remind me to let things go sometimes.

Explore ~great word to see each day, don't you think?  I hope to keep doing just that on both a small and large scale. The frame had great detail that stands out even more when painted.

A big thank you to everyone that was able to come out to the Vintage Flea, I had a great time visiting and seeing what you found!  I plan to post some items this week that didn't find a home yet, but also look forward to some 'exploring' time and maybe work in a project ( or 10) that I want to do in my home.  
Have a great week!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Finds available! Vintage: rolling cart, cake carrier, ironstone, and crate

 Vintage Yellow Rolling Cart  $24
(sale pending)

This sweet yellow color is like a ray of sunshine!
Use as a bar cart, rolling kitchen island, side table, or nightstand.
A few knicks and bumps from years of love with the sweetest wheels!

White Ironstone $4 each
Start or add to your collection!  Great catch-alls!

Vintage Cake Carrier  $12
3 clasps adjust with the small handle to attach and remove the lid, although a little 'off-center' from many trips before!  Great above the kitchen cabinets, or storing treats in the pantry, adding vinyl lettering can label your stash!

Vintage Crate $10
Wood ends, middle is constructed of a thick cardboard like material.
Fabulous typography on a container with so many possibilities!
(See more photos in my previous post.)

To Purchase:
Call or text, 208-390-8653.  I sell items locally in Chubbuck (Pocatello), Idaho.

Have you marked your calendar yet?  Called your girlfriends? Save your Mad Money, the Wildhare Vintage Flea is just around the corner!  
March 20 (10-7pm) and March 21 (9-5pm)
 Don Aslett's Museum of Clean Event Center (711 South 2nd, Pocatello).
Early Bird opening at 9 am, Friday, March 20th with your $5 Early Bird Ticket.  General admission $2 each, Kids 12 & under free!

Have a great tomorrow!