Wednesday, April 23, 2014

John's table

My friend asked me to paint and refinish a drop leaf table.  This table - with inventive supports for the leafs - was hand made by her great-grandfather.

I loved this story from the beginning.

The story continues~
Years ago, someone painted the apron the table top sits on, the legs, and one of the leaves.  The table top has also been replaced at some point in time, so it doesn't quite match the leaves.
Taken at first glance, the table didn't seem to be enticing to family members of this generation.  Knowing it had belonged to her grand-father, and built by her great-grandfather, said friend kept the table with her in the family, moving and storing it.  Now with plans to make it more appealing to her everyday use.

While prepping the table,  I came across this….

...written on one of the apron sides that supports the table top, but not easily seen with the leaves either up or down.
John was her grandfather.  
We wondered how old he was when he wrote his name on the table.  Why did he write it?  Did his mom know?
I love the stories an old piece of furniture can tell.
Hi penmanship is still on the table, we'll see just where our refinishing plans take us from here.


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Peas & Forks

At least a year ago, I bought a group of 4 silver-plate dessert forks.
I didn't have any idea what I would use them for.  I just liked the bit of tarnish they had, and found them appealing, tied up in a little string.

About 6 weeks ago, I planted some pea seeds.  It was snowy and windy, and I thought a few green sprouts would add a hint of spring to our house and my booth at the last flea market.  (Then I loaded all my stuff into my booth and realized there just wasn't room for a plant!)

Yesterday, the plants were drooping over the sides.  It was obvious the pea plants needed some support and although the sun is out, Idaho weather is not yet kind enough to move these out to the garden beds.

The pea plants will outgrown them soon, sure. 
But I think these dessert forks will be used again as my garden forks.

Peace to you,

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Vintage Dress Form

Items are sold locally, I am not offering shipping on this item.  
Contact me at 208-390-8653
Thanks for stopping by!

Vintage Dress Form ~sold

Vintage adjustable dress form.  Height is also adjustable, can be placed on a floor or counter.
With a little tweaking, her parts line up pretty well!

Each part is adjustable on the inside, tightened down by wing-nuts.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Items! Vintage Desk/Media console, hip metal storage & decor

Hello all!  Yay for the weekend!!  
My how time flies, I am surprised just how long it has been since the Wildhare Vintage Flea Market, and it has taken me a bit to catch life back up.  Luckily, between soccer games, being a mom, and work, I pulled a few things out of the garage to snap some photos.  There is more to come, and more that I have recently found!  Thank you so much for visiting, feel welcome to scroll and click around!

Items are sold locally, in Chubbuck, Idaho.  Contact me via phone or text, 208-390-8653 for an item you are interested in.


Vintage Desk $ 165
This desk could also make a fabulous tv console.  Yes, you're right, that shelf would be just right to hold the DVD player!  It could also be used as a night stand, a craft table, or even a kitchen island.  The stained and sealed top has a great time worn patina to it.  You just don't find that in new furniture, love it!
Measures:  42 inches long, 26 inches deep, 30 inches tall.  Sturdy.
Open shelf is 18 inches wide, 3 1/8 inch tall

Small Cloche (51/2 inches tall) $6
Milk Glass Vase $8
Dictionary with serious texture, color, and display options!  $10

Vintage Bromwell's Flour Sifter $ 10

Metal Mailbox with super sweet red flag!!  $ 20
Wondering what this is all about?!  This appeals to wedding planners and brides … yes, a fabulous place for guests to put cards!  Make a small banner with your last name to hang on the side, paper decoupage over the name, or add 'Mr. and Mrs ' in vinyl.  So many options!

Vintage Hip Metal Storage $28
Set of 2 'Safe-T-Stak' file cabinets made in Canton, Ohio
Great handles, with 1/2 wall drawers, great for storage.
A great piece for an office, teenager's room, craft room.
Use in the original vintage and worn finish, or paint … chalkboard paint may just be the ticket!

Viva wood crate $14
Love to juxtapose metal and wood!

Vintage number cards $2 each
(not included with the file drawers… small selection available…yes, they are great!)

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Re-Graced Eggs

I re-Graced my egg shells … and offer ideas for re-gracing other breakfast trash on the KPVI More show!!
Here's a little preview…. 

and here's the link for the segment on the  MORE show ! 
 A big thanks to Matt and Libby for always being so welcoming!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

FleaMarket Fave!

Let me just say this was my first favorite find at last weekends Wildhare Vintage Flea Market.
I saw it during a quick once-thru on Friday.  Lucky for me I had some gals in my booth as Friday closed down, and the vendor with this sweet soap dish had closed up for the night.  

Saturday morning, I brought in a few new items to put in my booth, and got busy re-displaying some items.  Next thing you know, the doors opened and my booth was busy - yay!

Sometime, mid-morning, there was a lull in the crowd.  Lucky for me, no other vintage lover had spotted this creamy soap dish!  It is molded in the back where it hung on a wall.  It must have not seen much use, though.  It doesn't show much age, and the finish doesn't have a chip!

Yeah, I don't imagine moss holding my soap will be very effective for keeping the soap or my hands clean … but I couldn't resist, that Spring Fever is strong!
What did you find at the Wildhare Vintage FleaMarket, last weekend?! 
I'd love to see!!

Share a photo of your favorite find from last weekend, either by email or post on my Facebook page, and I'll choose some of them to share with all of you next week.  Sounds fun … don't you think?
Email photos to :  -or-
Post to Facebook:

Sounds fun … don't you think?

Sunday, March 23, 2014

What a weekend!!!

The Wildhare Vintage Flea Market was a hoot!

A sincere thank you to everyone who came!  I saw faces I knew that were newcomers to the market, fabulous gals & guys that have shopped my booth before, and friends.  I chatted about junk with people I just met, and had a huge smile when some said,  "I follow you on your blog" - I was soaring!

You may have imagined my Sunday to be like this…

along with Sunday services...understanding that prepping, loading, hauling, pricing, displaying, then re-loading and hauling what was left may have left a gal tired. ( uh, not to mention shopping other booths!)

Instead, I was doing this…

 cheering, feeding, and concessionstand volunteering during  my son's school basketball tournament.  Thank goodness I was not playing, I have a terrible lay-up!  I knew it would be a busy weekend, but it worked out like a dream! I have lovely junkin' friends who are also vendors who were so kind to cover my booth~I didn't miss a game~ and had a successful Fleamarket!

Later this week I'll plan to share some of my finds, work on sorting some Fleamarket 'leftovers' to post for sale plus re-organize what I have, and get my house back in order.  You know when you group dirty laundry by order of importance and run 1 load?  That's where I am tonight, and so thankful for it all!
-Jen (happy on the couch in sweatpants!)