Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Spirit Catholic School Auction 2013

Saturday night I headed to the school auction, which is our largest fundraiser for my son's school each year.

The evening includes a silent and live auction, dinner and dessert, visiting, adult beverages if you choose, (this is an adult only event) , and music and dancing after the close of the auction.  There were some amazing items in the auction, just like every year!  Unfortunately, the Maroon 5 tickets and the Sleepover in a Barn, live auction items both exceeded my budget.  Maroon 5 needs no explanation.   The sleepover was donated by one of the schools amazing teachers, yep, come have a birthday or other party and sleepover in her barn!  Lets just say I was tempted-I do like barns!

Each family is asked to donate at least one item, service, or basket of amazingness to the auction.  I usually make or paint a little something.  My awesome Dad came across this desk last fall.  I thought it would be a great piece to donate, and I had such fun finishing it. This piece was 100% solid wood.  Each drawer was individually made with 1/2 inch wood with dovetail construction.  This gal was heavy, which is a plus.  A drawback to a handmade desk can be the broken/missing handmade drawer pulls that are not easily replaced.  Luckily I found some great drawer pulls, that fit, in town!  There was a bit of drawer pull stress going on over here as life happened and I found myself finishing this piece on Thursday evening!

I was tickled by the excitement the winning bidder shared with me for her new desk!

This year's theme was 'Classic Cars', choosing whatever year you would like!  Dressing for the theme is not necessary, but I saw an opportunity to throw on a little vintage wear and kick up my heels!  If you follow me on facebook, you had the strange experience of me parading possible vintage wear I gleened from my closet before you to get your opinions.  It was quite fun really, dressing up an old dress form and then getting your responses.  See what you missed out on by clicking 'like' on my Lively Grace facebook page here .

This is what I ended up with:

And here's the breakdown:
Dress:  The Limited, but I thrifted it from Goodwill about 2 years ago.  Houndstooth is always a classic, even if the dress itself is not 'vintage' I think it had the right vibe.
Shoes:  Vintage!  I scored these at a Wildhare Flea Market, new in the box, for $8 (I think-way cheap!)
Sweater:  Vintage, picked up at an Estate Sale and had it dry cleaned.  It was in great shape when I found it.  It is warm and soft, which was perfect since January in Idaho can be a little chilly, even indoors. 
Broach:  Maybe vintage, maybe not!  Another thrift store find.
Cameo ring:  I bought this from the sweetest little lady at a flea market in Boise.  She didn't move well enough to move about her booth, but she had amazing things someone had helped her haul in.  I could have visited with her all day!
Earrings:  Purchased new from World Market for $1- yep!  They had just reduced and hauled outside a rack of jewelry ... talk about timing!  These have become a favorite pair.

I owe my kiddo a shout out for snapping a few shots as I headed out the door.  Good shots for a 10 year old, eh?

Here's where I really missed the boat.  Pictures of the actual event.  Sorry.  I was having such a good time (and had spent most of the day setting up the live auction items), I forgot to snap a few pics.  This is the silent auction area before the event opened.  A huge thanks to Courtesy Ford, who let's Holy Spirit use the show room, and cleans + clears out the repair shop for the evening's events.  Dinner is always amazing and was catered by The Sandtrap , click the link to check out their facebook page.  Did you know Monday night The Sandtrap offers a Thai food special?!

I may have nearly worn thru my vintage heels during "Twist and Shout" !  Such fun!


Monday, January 21, 2013

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint | No. 1

Brief exerpt of Christmas morning...

"Woohoo - I got milk paint!"

Yep.  There was paint under the tree for me:  Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint.   So, naturally after the excitement of the holiday, I was ready to try out my new paint.  I have a desk that I had already planned to re-grace and donate to my son's school.  Every year we hold a dinner and auction as the main fundraiser.  I also had in the garage a vintage dresser that has one of those perjectly worn tops, the type you hope you come across.  I had stained this piece, taken it to and from the last flea market, but still was holding back painting it.  And there was my quandry;  which piece of furniture and which paint?!

Sometimes this is where I hesitate.  But I had a gut feeling after oogling and reading about milk paint  the older dresser would likely lend itself well to that 'chippy' look milk paint can provide.   There you go, decided.

Milk paint arrives in a powder.  I read the instructions, and checked out videos on line of using milk paint.  I felt it mixed fairy easily, taking the time to mix well and then sit and then mix some more.  I would warn you to be sure to protect your countertop or work surface, or you could have a newly painted counter when you wipe up paint dust with a damp sponge.  I would also warn you to buy a second drink whipper tool- this worked great for mixing paint!

Painting with the milk paint was different that other paint I have used before.  Mixed as directed, it was way thinner than chalk paint,  which lends itself to the different finish.  In some areas, even while applying the paint, you're able to tell the paint doesn't want to adhere.  There is a bonding agent to add to the paint for such areas, or for having more control over chipping/distressing later.  But this was a new paint for me.  A chance to try something different.  A chance to just go with the flow of what the paint would do.  Are you getting the feeling this was a bit of a stretch?  

While painting with milk paint be sure to stir often and stir vigorously.  At times I noticed the bottom of the jar would have a thicker paint that the top.  Also, the color would change a bit if some paint settled to the bottom.

(Are you diggin' that drop cloth?  It was a vinyl tablecloth I picked up for $1.  When I unfolded it I realized someone had modified it into what appears to be a tree skirt.  Zipper closure and all!)

I applied 2 coats.  The wish of the paint to chip was more prominent after the second coat dried.  In some areas, the paint would flake off with merely rubbing a finger tip across it.  The top small drawers had lots of inherent chipping.   I took a paint scraper to the other drawers with just a tich more vigor to even up the worn look.
Waxing was a bit intimidating.  I was ultra gentle with the first layer of wax, trying to retain the paint that was adhered while bringing out the texture of the exposed wood.  I applied two coats and have had the piece in use in our home for approximately three weeks.  The wax has worked great without any paint flaking.

I'm loving the addition of color and that texture to our living room!

I am amazed how similar in color the dresser is to the strip on that trunk!  I've had the trunk for a while now, and did not paint that stripe- really!  The top of the trunk has faded hand written addresses.  The trunk at one time traveled from New York to California, imagine the stories it could tell.  The trunk is a favorite.  Now, so is the dresser re-graced into a tv console.

I have another piece in the works with this same paint.  And it has some lovely chipping!  Stay tuned, check back, follow by email, or like on  facebook ... I'll be offering the next piece for sale. 

 I would love to hear what you think of my first go of milk paint!

I've linked!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Liebster award! - Heck ya!

I received an email the other day that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award!  In the blog world, I see Lively Grace as just a little dot on the map, kinda like those one traffic light towns .  So when I have a visitor  that I have no other connection to, it feels like I've grown a little.  Then to have a visitor enjoy my posts enough to link to their blog and tag it with a Liebser award?  Well, I feel like that dot on the map just grew a little bigger!
A big thank you to Rachel at  Shades of Blue Interiors  for recognizing my work in such a kind way, and widening  my circle.  We seem to have a bit in common her and I, more than just the furniture painting blog thing, see if you get the vibe too.  Just a hint,  I'm loving the color on the Blue Bird Dresser and that hand stenciling- beautiful!

In the blogging world, the Liebsters Award is given by seasoned bloggers to a new-ish blog with 200 followers or less. I wouldn't call myself a seasoned blogger and although I have over 200 'LIKE's on facebook   (yay!)  ,  I'm still working towards 200 followers here on my blog.  I sure appreciate the recognition!  Here's the skinny on how this works: 

1. I must post 11 random things about myself
2. I must answer the questions the nominator set for me
3. I must create 11 questions for the people I nominate
4. I must choose 5-10 blogs that I love (w/less than 200 followers) and link them to my post and let them know they were nominated.
5. No tag back.

Who knows if you really want to read random things about me, but I'm happy to play along.  Here goes:

1.  I have ice climbed frozen waterfalls.  Yes, with pictures to prove it.
2.  Approximately 1/3 of my 'wardrobe' has been purchased from thrift stores.
3.  For Halloween, I dressed up as Danielle from American Pickers (you may know this already if you follow me on facebook ).
4.  I believe I found a treasure map in a vintage steamer trunk last winter.
5.  Our backyard is maze of trenches ... awaiting spring to finish a re-do of the sprinkler system and patio with my Mr.   I am thankful it is currently blanketed in snow.
6.  I work full time as an RN.
7.  I believe 10 year old boys should help with hauling furniture & vintage goods in and out of the garage and truck.  I'm sure it builds character.
8.  Sometimes my dad calls me by my childhood nickname, 'Nerf'.
9.  My dad is kinda like a 'picker' for me - he's awesome!
10.  There is currently mixed paint in my refrigerator.
11.  My mind wanders to 'junk' when watching any Sci-fi movie!

Here are the questions I was asked:

1. What is your all-time favorite makeover project? 
 My first milkpaint dresser... working on this post currently, follow along, you won't want to miss it!
2. What is your favorite, go-to furniture finish (top coat) and why?  
Annie Sloan clear wax because I love the way it brings out the depth of the paint and highlights the contrast of the wood.
3. Where do you find your inspiration for your unique style? 
 In my day dreams!
4. Where do you love to vacation?   
Anywhere!  I would like to head out to places I have not yet been... and there's a whole world of them!
5. What is your favorite thing to drink? 
 Dependent on the time of day;  coffee or coke zero.
6. What does a typical Saturday look like for you?  
Hmmm... yard sale-ing, blogging, or painting in the morning, then time with my family maybe on a hike, bike ride, or ski (based on time of year), or perhaps heading to work at the hospital.
7. What is your hidden talent?  
 Having a good eye for junk!
8. What is your favorite novel? 
 The Secret Life of Bees
9. If you could live anywhere in the world for 1 year only, where would it be?  
New Zealand
10. What is your favorite flower? 
 I'd have to say, the little white flower on a budding strawberry.  My kiddo planted from seed, strawberries last year.  The huge grin on his face when we saw those little flowers on his plants in the garden sealed it for me!
11. Where did you buy your favorite bedding/sheet set?  
I bought a vintage coverlet bedspread at a yard sale.  I used it briefly at the end of my bed, then sold it at a flea market.  Now I'm on a hunt for another!


Here are the blogs I've nominated for the Liebster award.   Pay them a visit!

Danielle at Antique Recreation 
Danielle and I met at the last Wildhare Flea Market, but have been blog & facebook friends for a while before that!  Both of us live and junk in Idaho.  She has beautiful furniture and don't miss her at a flea market,  her display is beautiful (her timber framing husband built her booth arbor!).

Jessamyn at  Uptown Photography
Amazing lifestyle photographer, with a special gift for newborn photography.  Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!  Jessamyn has also been shooting the photos for my articles in Pocatello Magazine.   

Emily at Furhiman Ranch
A blog about a gal, her ranch, husband, horses, and dog.  You have got to see this lady on a horse!  Oh and I covet that she has a barn.  I love the vintage style of homes and life.  I think Emily lives it more closely than anyone I know!

Linda at One Wild Hare
Let me just say, Linda is lovely.   Blog a bunch, no.  She's busy managing estate sales and planning the Wildhare Flea Market!  So I like to keep close tabs on her : ).  If you're a local, meaning you live in Southeast Idaho, I'd follow her blog.  And if you want the skinny on any estates sales she is hosting,  do the 'like' thing on her facebook page, WildHare FleaMarkets & Estate Sales

Cute refinished furniture.  This gal is not afraid to wield a power tool!

Questions for the blogs I nominated:

1.  What place of business (store) would you like to spend the night at?
2.  Did you have a childhood nickname, if yes, what was it?
3.  What is the most interesting thing in your fridge right now?
4.  What is your favorite pen ... I know you have one.
5.  When is your average evening sweat/yoga/PJ pant time?
6.  Peanut butter:  creamy or crunchy?
7.  What has been helpful to you to grow visits/followers of your blog or social media site?
8.  What tool is your favorite?
9.  As CEO of your household, which would you choose to add;  chef or housekeeper?
10.  What helps you get started writing a blog post when it just isn't flowing easily?
11.  Have you visited the other nominated blogs yet? : )


Thanks for visiting!  I gave a friend a photo preview of my next post.  Her reaction of 'oh my gosh!' made may day : )!   Want it delivered to your inbox?   Become a follower of Lively Grace, or join via email!  Plus, leave a comment answering one of the questions I posed to other bloggers, just for fun!