Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Overnight bag | Vintage Suitcase

During soccer season, we sometimes get an overnight  stay out of town.  It's a fun little get away.  Living in Idaho, though, spring soccer weather can be unpredictable.  Packing includes sunscreen, a hat, sandals,  as well has a coat, hat, and gloves.  Sure, I probably could fit it all into an overnight duffel bag.
But where's the fun in that?

"Yes, dear.  This is my over night bag."

I like to carry a vintage suitcase.   I find this makes me smile.  
This classic blue gal is a recent find.  I really love blues, so I was pretty pleased when I saw the interior was nice enough to be used for travel.
I've used this gal before for traveling too.

Have you ever used a vintage suitcase?  Once packed, they are rather heavy.  A word to the wise, double check that those latches work well enough.  You don't want to find yourself unable to get to your pj's and toothbrush once you arrive at your destination.  No, that didn't happen on this trip, but for a moment I was afraid one of the latches wasn't going to stay closed!  PJ's flying out the back of the truck wouldn't be so fabulous ; )!
The handbag is a Dooney & Burke;  I love the classic feel it has to it.  And I love that I scored it at a thrift shop a few years back!

Long. Live. Vintage.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Items available: vintage trunk, wood crate, lantern

Hello all!
A few new offerings!  Anyone else love vintage trunks?  I have a few favorites I have held onto that I have in my home, so this one is up for grabs!  I pulled a few things together that make me think of a little boy's room in this post, but each item could be fabulous on it's own.  For quite a while, I used two of these wood crates in my laundry room to separate darks and whites, or they can add a vintage vibe to the living room holding books, magazines, or blankets.  The red lantern is just in time to add to your porch or decor for 4th of July, unless you have a 'camp' themed room- then it should definitely go there!

Thanks for stopping by!!

{To purchase;  contact me at 208-390-8653 via call or text}
{Items are sold on a local basis in Chubbuck, Idaho}

Cute Train themed Cross-Stitch $15 - sold
framed and ready to hang

Red Metal Lantern $20

Vintage Fruit Crate - sold

Great patina!

Vintage Metal Trunk 
Great leather handles, and partial labels!
Top would need reinforced if you wish to use it as a flat surface.  Sturdy, metal just bows some.
Perfect for stacking or for storage. I have one that holds DVDs and game controls at my home.

Blue wire basket $4
Sweet burlap bear $6
He has a little tear on his ear-someone should love him!

Interior of the trunk.  Latch part for the front included : )

{To purchase;  contact me at 208-390-8653 via call or text}
{Items are sold on a local basis in Chubbuck, Idaho}

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Reduced prices: vintage desk, vintage chair, and a few $5 finds!!

Hello all!
I've pulled pieces from a few posts that I still have available and have reduced prices!  
Happy hunting!
 {Contact me to purchase at 208-390-8653 via call or text}{Goodies are sold on a local basis in Chubbuck/Pocatello, Idaho}


Vintage, lightly distressed, solid wood desk, SOLD
Would also make a great tv console, entry table, or vanity~

Vintage chair with fabulous mustard seat!
Reduced to $12~sale pending 
(Chair is sturdy to sit on, we used it for a guest at dinner, but original joint between back legs has separated-great for photo shoots, porch decor, or a bedroom.)

Vintage child book set of 2 ~ sold
Pretty white ceramic candlesticks (set)~sold

Vintage Sugar Scuttle, reduced to $12
(Peek at the detail on that mirror, it's reduced too!)

Vintage Enamel Bowl $10

White detailed pillow $8

Ornate Mirror $8 ~ sold
Mirror could also be hung opposite direction.
Frame is a durable plastic could be spray painted!

Vintage Book Page Wreath ~ sold
Vintage Hat Box ~ sold

Vintage Bromwell's Flour Sifter $5~sold

Yellow bin $5

Distressed green basket with metal handles $10

Hobmail Milkglass Vase $6
Wood Wine Box $8

{Contact me to purchase items at 208-390-8653 via call or text}

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Friday, June 13, 2014

Studio plans

Early one morning last week , I sat at the desk in my 'studio'.

My husband refers to it as the 'junk room'.
At times… I might have to agree with him!  
(Tax season and Wildhare FleaMarket prep…sheesh!)

Although I really like to work in this room, lately, the time I've had to spend there has been limited.  So I soaked it up while I sipped coffee and worked on an article for Pocatello Magazine.

I'm lucky to be a soccer mom, so later in the week I did some editing in the truck while the dude that married the junky gal, drove : ).

I'm easily distracted by projects I have in mind, and while I worked on the article, I kept looking over at the bookshelf.
At has some great pieces, but obviously needs a little editing itself!

This bookshelf has been on the docket for white paint for quite some time, just other projects have come before it.  
That was my next plan.
Until I found this…

It is a project too, needing some interior shelves, and perhaps white paint inside.  I'm still mulling that one over.

A keeper for sure!