Monday, May 28, 2012

Hob (k)nobbing

I've debated on painting this for a while;  yes or no, what color, all of it or leave the slide out writing surface unpainted, and on and on.

It belonged to my husband's grandfather, so I'll be keeping it.  I think I'm a little hesitant to paint it because it's in nice condition.  And because there are other projects in front of it.  And because sometimes I'm indecisive : ).  But, I did change it up a bit today.

Do the knobs look a little familiar?  Yep, same ones are on the super shabby piece in my last post.

So, I imagine it will stay this way for a while.  Hopefully it will stay this tidy for a while, it tends to be a great landing spot for papers & such.  Maybe I'll work on styling it a little more, but really, can it get better than the hand drawn card I received a few years back from a certain kiddo... I think not!

What are my other projects you ask?  Well, my car is not parked in the garage due to the numerous projects in multiple stages of done-ness. I'm  mulling over the idea of having  a 'Lawn Event by Lively Grace'  on, uh, my lawn : ).  Selling items in person is such fun;  we can chat about paint, how you plan to use it, and then you lovely folks can see it in person, touch it, slide drawers open and closed, and see all my wares in one stop.  Tell me what you think?!


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Super Fab Shab side table

3 drawer Super Fab Shabby side table  $52

 I read a blog post about not being afraid of poorly painted furniture.  Miss Mustard Seed, you may have heard of her ... if not, you don't read many painted furniture/DIY blogs and you should pay her blog a visit.  I had taken this advice once previously and finished a chair that is a favorite and resides in my home.  So when I came upon this poorly painted, hand pieced, time loved 3 drawer side table, I nabbed it. I was hopeful that underneath the paint and texture was another layer of awesome colored paint, so I began sanding (with all the right equipment, don't worry) and did come across another paint color, and a worse looking set of drawers than what I started with.  Not cute chippy, shabby like I hoped for, but rather "you are going to paint it, aren't you?" comments.  So, I painted.  But the color was wrong.  So, I painted it again... mixing a little color to get what I wanted...which ended up being a lot like the color of paint I had lightly sanded off!  

But without the original paint, chips, and gouges, it wouldn't have as much character as it does now.  I even like the back of it.  All wood and what looks like a repurposed piece of wood on the back of one of the drawers, love it!  There are no fancy metal runners for the drawers, but they have been reinforced previously and all the drawers work well.

(Hey, wait a minute!  I swear I pulled that weed out before I took this picture- yikes!)

I sealed the piece with a wax, so although there is great texture, it is not rough to the touch.    Super shabby it is, hoping you think it's super fab shab too!

Wanna check out this unique piece in person?  Great!  It can be difficult to decide just by pictures, so contact me and we'll set a time for you to look without being committed to buying.  

Wishing you all a Thankful and Safe Memorial Weekend!
208.390.8653 (text or leave message)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Super fab shab

A little peek...

Usually, my pieces are not this shabby.  But sometimes you just get lucky with the combination of what you found and what paint will bring out.

If I get up with the sun, snap a picture, import, & write a blog post before my day begins, I'll offer this 3 drawer nightstand/side table  tomorrow.  I do have the coffee pot programmed, but it is already late, and tomorrow begins, it could possibly be Friday before it's up for purchase.  

Anyone else out there like the sight of old nail holes?

P.S.  Have you entered my giveaway yet?!  Visit my blog post about the giveaway for the details, info is also on the Lively grace facebook page.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Antique steamer trunk

 Antique steamer (or dome) trunk-sold

First of all, let me be clear.  I am not an antique expert.  I just know what I like, and this trunk is amazing!  It has curved wood, and stamped metal on the exterior, with the sweetest little wheels set into the bottom.  That's handy, 'cause it's heavy my friend!

What I do know, are sites like google, etsy, and ebay.  Similar trunks are dated between 1880-1930's.  (And go ahead and price compare, plus imagine shipping this beaut.)

It has a great patina that I like just the way it is.  Or, it could be refinished and restored.

The interior is in quite good shape.  The picture above is with the removable tray inserted.

Contact me via email (,   if you'd like to take a look under the lid!


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

A fun little painting and up-cycling project.  My son and I worked on these together for him to give to his grandmothers and a few extra cans for us to enjoy too.  Just chatting with him while we painted was a gift on it's own for me.

I found the idea on a blog I love to visit for a little eye-candy, Knack.  I'd share the address, but she's currently upgrading to wordpress and I'm not sure if it's up yet ...haven't seen a recent post.  But, you should check her later;  beauty photos, drool worthy furniture, on the spot quotes, and her personal spunk.  She used spray paint, I used paint I had on hand and we brushed it on, nothin' fancy.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day, it's gorgeous here in Idaho!


Friday, May 4, 2012

Bonjour dresser

 'Bonjour' Dresser  (sold)

OK, so, there's really nothing French about the dresser, but oh, that top drawer!  I knew I would love them painted.


 It is a Basset dresser, with smooth working drawers and dovetail joinery.  And a little vintage drawer liner to sweeten up that top drawer.

A few smalls:
Vintage picture and frame $12
Vintage silverplate (I believe) tray $12
(great patina)
Vintage Big Ben clock $6  

And, once again, the dresser...

 The skinny:
It's hard to decide without taking a closer look & feel, so let me know if you're interested and you can come by!  Contact me by email,, or text/call 208-390-8653 (please leave a message if I'm not available and I'll call you back!)  Items are sold on a 'local- you pick 'em up- cash paykinda deal.

Happy FRIDAY!!

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