Thursday, May 24, 2012

Super Fab Shab side table

3 drawer Super Fab Shabby side table  $52

 I read a blog post about not being afraid of poorly painted furniture.  Miss Mustard Seed, you may have heard of her ... if not, you don't read many painted furniture/DIY blogs and you should pay her blog a visit.  I had taken this advice once previously and finished a chair that is a favorite and resides in my home.  So when I came upon this poorly painted, hand pieced, time loved 3 drawer side table, I nabbed it. I was hopeful that underneath the paint and texture was another layer of awesome colored paint, so I began sanding (with all the right equipment, don't worry) and did come across another paint color, and a worse looking set of drawers than what I started with.  Not cute chippy, shabby like I hoped for, but rather "you are going to paint it, aren't you?" comments.  So, I painted.  But the color was wrong.  So, I painted it again... mixing a little color to get what I wanted...which ended up being a lot like the color of paint I had lightly sanded off!  

But without the original paint, chips, and gouges, it wouldn't have as much character as it does now.  I even like the back of it.  All wood and what looks like a repurposed piece of wood on the back of one of the drawers, love it!  There are no fancy metal runners for the drawers, but they have been reinforced previously and all the drawers work well.

(Hey, wait a minute!  I swear I pulled that weed out before I took this picture- yikes!)

I sealed the piece with a wax, so although there is great texture, it is not rough to the touch.    Super shabby it is, hoping you think it's super fab shab too!

Wanna check out this unique piece in person?  Great!  It can be difficult to decide just by pictures, so contact me and we'll set a time for you to look without being committed to buying.  

Wishing you all a Thankful and Safe Memorial Weekend!
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