Friday, November 27, 2015

Available Items

Here's a post of smaller items, perfect for you, a gift for a friend, a personal touch added to that gift card, or giving Santa a hand in a little found item under the tree!  Personally, I'm tickled with unique gifts, and if they have a bit of rust, vintage wear, or tarnish... all the better!

Items are sold locally, in Chubbuck, Idaho ( you pick up).  
Contact Jen to purchase 208.390.8653

Reclaimed wood Idaho $12
(Single wood pieces like this sold for $20 from my booth, currently, this is the only one I have left.  Small original nick in wood on lower left corner as shown.)

Set of 2 chippy white 'lanterns', $20

Candles not included.

Note there is not glass in upper sections.

Re-Graced wood cabinet door with knobs for hanging $20

The other side was covered with vintage book pages, knobs can be reversed to this side, alligator hooks included for hanging.

Vintage Rollerskates $12

(Ball jar and suitcase for display/sense of scale, not for sale)

"Yum" Vintage Cake Tin with Vinyl lettering $8 ~ sale pending

Bromwell Vintage Sifter $8
Black enamelware pot $8
( How pretty would an Amaryllis be planted in this?!)

Set if 3 vintage containers $8

The tallest is a type of bundt (?) pan, 'Made in Germany' is printed on the top.

Vintage lamp $12 (works!  Shade has a black mark on back)

Stack of assorted old flash cards $15 (all)

Set of 3 cloches $5

Sweet red teapot $10
A pretty pop of color!

Vintage wood level $5

Crock with landscape print $6
Great old farm bell!  ~ sold~

Thanks for stopping by!
- Jen

Friday, November 20, 2015

Items available~ reduced

Hello friends!
A little post of a few items left from the Wildhare Vintage Flea that I've carved out some time to post and reduced the prices on!
I hope to have a big post if small items (on sale!) for you soon!  Just in time for unique gift giving!  Keep tabs on me thru Facebook & Instagram so you won't miss out!  -Jen

Contact me to purchase ( or for a closer look) at 208.390.8653

4 Drawer Dresser $125
Antique dresser, painted in Old White chalk paint with light distressing.  The caster wheels just make the turned legs even sweeter!  When I found this piece, the middle drawer had already been re-built and didn't match, so it was a perfect piece for painting.  This is an antique piece, so although all the drawrs open and close, it is sturdy ( I know, I stood on it in my booth to hang my banner!), the middle drawer doesn't glide like a newly manufactured drawer.  Perfect for a bedroom,a guest room, a sidebar in the dining room, entry table, a tv stand with movie storage, or a coffee bar (oh, if I only had the room!)

Vintage picnic basket $16
Great for storing an extra blanket, kids small toys, video game controllers, or magazines.

Those legs and wheels!

Project chair $8
Ok, my husband thought I should throw it away ~ help me show him it's potential!  You can see it, timeworn character, the tricky part is one of the legs is completely loose and needs work.  You can't sit on this chair!  But, someone out there needs this project to fix it, or turn it into something else!  

Happy Friday!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Items Available: "Camp" Inspired, Industrial Vibe, and Classic Vintage Items!

Have you been camping this year?  
I'll admit, there is no better smell than a morning in the mountains filled with pine trees, when you crawl out of your tent after a light nighttime rain.  
I'll also admit I've crawled out of a tent that was sagging and dripping inside into more rain and no patch of blue sky to dry my sleeping bag.  There are things better than that : )!
One of those things might just be a camping inspired little boy's room, or a few nods at manly camp stuffs in the man cave.  

Vintage Trunk $32
Orange Cove Fruit Crate ~ sold

The fruit crate or trunk could store blankets, DVD's, game controllers, or hunting/car magazines in that man space you have.
And I probably don't have to tell you, you're mind is already working on it;  that trunk would fit right into your eclectic living room as a low coffee table, stood on end for a side table, or a great statement piece under the soft table.  And yes, the crate would be oh so happy holding books, toys, or your Country Living magazines. : )

You could write anything you like on the

Natural Wood Frame Chalkboard $12

And get both a pop of red and industrial vibe from a lantern or two!

Red Vintage Lantern with glass $18
Red Vintage Lantern, well loved (aka no glass) ~ sold

Vintage Radio in Case $12
That handsome case is actually a vintage radio.  It doesn't play music anymore, but doesn't it make you want to wink and flirt with it just a little?  Those smart clasps, rugged leather handle, with a little wear and roughness;  it's like that perfect 5 o'clock shadow in chinos.  Perfect for adding height and texture!

We all know how important it is to drink plenty of water while on that hike!

Vintage Canteen $14
Vintage Enamelware Red rimmed bowl $6

It's always important to have snacks for your little (and big) campers...

Glass Canister with red handled lid $12
You probably could cook soup in the blue enamel pot.  Or feed the hungry troops left-overs and save that pot for planting flowers or adding blue to your kitchen.  Best of both worlds,  it holds hot chocolate packets in your pantry!

Blue Enamel Pot $14

If you have red accents in your home, please don't pass up this level.  It's just too cool!  Flat on a bookshelf or hung vertically, it's hip.  As in mustache and trucker hat, hip.

Wood level $8
Red Wood Level $10

There's the radio opened up, chillin' in the background.

Vintage Trunk $32
Trunk side shot to show off that leather handle and typography.  'Nuf said!

I imagine this guy had traveled quite far, with other trunks, cases, boxes stacked on top, wearing stories into the top.  Options would be to love it as it is, a true found piece with history, paint the top black to tie in with the metal edges, paint the whole trunk white, or set a suitcase, crate, or folded blanket on top.

It's always nice to come home from camping though.  A shower,  soft bed with sheets, and a bathroom, the comforts of home!  Use this tablecloth and apron to serve dinner at your table, and enjoy not swatting mosquitos while you eat!

Vintage Tablecloth ~ sold
Apple Basket ~ sold
Wire Egg Basket ~ sold

Wood Fruit Crate with carved out handles $16
Vintage Book Stack (3 books, top is Nancy Drew with the cutest silhouette) $7
Glass vase 1 liter $8
Glass vase .5 liter $6

Classy they are, you understand, being measured in liters, with their simple design (no chips!).  And classy items cover all the genres of design;  vintage, modern, contemporary, eclectic, shabby! They're adorable with flowers, (heck yes, I kept one for me!) and some Sunday morning I assure you I will pour orange juice or milk out of it.  Some classy Sunday morning that is.

Vintage Apron $6
A sheer type fabric, with yellow trim, green ribbon ties, and a dainty pocket!

One of my favorite places to camp is in the Sawtooths.  The Stanley Bakery, in, you guessed it, Stanley, ID is a favorite stop.  My boys love the food, which I do also, but I'm easily distracted by the chalkboard menu, working gals in aprons and sandals, and the banner of aprons that hang in the bakery.  You know, zucchini bread season is just around the corner, are you apron ready?!

Oh yeah, contact details! ~

~Contact me to purchase an item.  I sell locally in Chubbuck, ID.
(208) 390.8653 :  call or text, thanks!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Blues on vacation

"Her favorite color is blue. 
 She says that blue is associated with vastness; 
                              the skies are blue, the oceans are blue."
- Mahbod Seraji

I read this quote on and it immediately came to mind while feeling the sand between my toes and seeing the sky meet the ocean while on holiday in California a few weeks ago.

While we played, explored, ate, and vacationed, I was aware of so many different blues.  
My camera roll was filled with photos of my boys, and any blues that caught my eye, and many times both.

Yes, I'm a gal that will snap a photo of your quaint blue house while on a walk... a location with yet another blue.
Yes, I'm also the gal that thrift shops while on vacation.

If you follow me on Instagram, #livelygracehome , I shared this pic a while back.
I was feeling pretty confident that no-one was going to give a touristy gal a hard time when she had a metal hook sticking out of her pack, and a metal clank while she walked. 

This is what I scored at that store with the blue sign, and a peek at the find with the metal hook!

Then there was this perfect sea-glass blue I saw.
Dearest Anthropologie... this chair is perfection.

The blue of the pool and a swim with a great kiddo was just perfect after my shopping trek on a hot day.

The best part of all these blues, was experiencing them with my boys.

Alright, this borders more on purple, but I felt it important to let you know about the Botanical Garden at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  The photos don't do it justice, it's breathtaking and so peaceful.

Maybe I should vacation more often, I'm afraid the everyday business in our lives distracts us from seeing so much of what is around us.

Happy Vacation Blues
~ Jen

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Porch Bench: tips for adding stain to an old chippy piece

I found this old bench at a yardsale, years ago.  The paint is original, it's sturdy, and was found back in a shed with a bunch of cobwebs. So~ yeah, a perfect find.  
*Lively Grace Tip:  Take your cobweb or dusty piece to a patch of grass and brush the parts you can against the grass before you load any creepy crawlies into your car.  Better yet, bring a truck!

I wanted a little more depth to the wood color, which will also help the paint stand out and create more contrast.
When you are working with a piece that has chippy paint, expect it to keep flaking, unless the piece has been sealed.  Knowing I wanted the wood stained darker, I knew I'd probably loose a little more paint in the process.
*Lively Grace Tip: Pour some stain into a separate container.  This will prevent any of those small paint flakes from making it into your can of stain, causing chaos on your next project.

This is what I was hoping for.  
I used the stain on the entire piece, with two coats over both the wood and paint. With a piece this chippy, there is no way to avoid putting stain on the paint as well.  I think in this case it actually gave a little umph to the weathered paint.
*Lively Grace Tip: Remember, a wet stain or paint will look a little different when it dries.

I didn't seal the bench, because our porch is covered. It does get some weather with blowing snow or rain, but is protected from sunlight.  If it was in the sun and weather all the time, I would have added a coat or two of polyurethane to protect not only the stain, but the paint.
Thanks for stopping by!
~ Jen

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Available items: Vintage Dresser, Fan, camera, hat box +!

Hi Friends!
Items listed are sold locally in Chubbuck (Pocatello), Idaho.  It's best to contact me via phone/text, 208.390.8653 to set a time for you to come pick up an item.

This sweet vintage dresser, stamped Montgomery Ward on the back has been fun.  I have never seen the glass drawer pulls in black in person before, and they are all in amazing!  It has seen many a use over the years, with dings, scrapes and worn areas.  It is pained in a chalk paint, "Vintage" is the color, a soft grey/blue.  My intent was not to make it look new again, but to well, re-Grace it with a soft paint and keep the years of wear it has earned.  I imagine this dresser was intended to sell to the masses, with a simple style and build.  The drawers all open and close, but are on wood runners, so they don't glide as new metal runners do.  You won't find dovetail drawers on this dresser, but rather what I feel is a good price on a hand painted, distressed, and twice poly-coated dresser.  Plus, it was lots of fun to give it three different vibes with other items I had waiting in the wings for you!

"Vintage" painted 5 drawer dresser $72 ~ sold

Hat Box, most fabulous color!  $12
Cobalt Blue Vintage Bottle $8
Vintage Camera, Argus brand $22
(leather case is non-removable, sorry for the fuzz on the camera, I didn't realize until the sun went down!)

White Single Pane Window $12
glass-intact, paint-chippy, hardware-rusty
(the beautiful sunset gave it a pink hue, but it's old white paint)

"Kash" fruit crate $16
White wire basket $6

Milkglass vase $6
Ironstone Creamer $6
Vintage Cheese Crock $8 -sold
("Independence Hall" printed on this side, bright paper label on back)

There's the glow from that sunset again!

Apothecary Jar $5
Square Corner Jar $5

Vintage "Manning Bowman" Fan $30
(I don't know if it works, power cord has been cut, I do know it looks great on display!)

Black painted basket $5

Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July!