Friday, August 7, 2015

Blues on vacation

"Her favorite color is blue. 
 She says that blue is associated with vastness; 
                              the skies are blue, the oceans are blue."
- Mahbod Seraji

I read this quote on and it immediately came to mind while feeling the sand between my toes and seeing the sky meet the ocean while on holiday in California a few weeks ago.

While we played, explored, ate, and vacationed, I was aware of so many different blues.  
My camera roll was filled with photos of my boys, and any blues that caught my eye, and many times both.

Yes, I'm a gal that will snap a photo of your quaint blue house while on a walk... a location with yet another blue.
Yes, I'm also the gal that thrift shops while on vacation.

If you follow me on Instagram, #livelygracehome , I shared this pic a while back.
I was feeling pretty confident that no-one was going to give a touristy gal a hard time when she had a metal hook sticking out of her pack, and a metal clank while she walked. 

This is what I scored at that store with the blue sign, and a peek at the find with the metal hook!

Then there was this perfect sea-glass blue I saw.
Dearest Anthropologie... this chair is perfection.

The blue of the pool and a swim with a great kiddo was just perfect after my shopping trek on a hot day.

The best part of all these blues, was experiencing them with my boys.

Alright, this borders more on purple, but I felt it important to let you know about the Botanical Garden at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.  The photos don't do it justice, it's breathtaking and so peaceful.

Maybe I should vacation more often, I'm afraid the everyday business in our lives distracts us from seeing so much of what is around us.

Happy Vacation Blues
~ Jen

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