Saturday, March 31, 2012

My picks

Here's a share of some of my picks from the Wildhare  Flea Market 2 weeks ago.  I didn't get much shopping accomplished on Saturday.  That's good, because I was busy visiting with so many of you at my booth - Thank You!!  But Sunday sees a lighter traffic (and my mom was sweet enough to help me in my booth!) , so I snuck out to shop the other vendor booths...

Quite the conglomeration, eh?  That's what I love about flea marketing, you just don't know what you'll find.  You can come with a plan for what you want to look for, or just be open to what strikes your fancy that day.  Those vintage shoes?  Well, they leapt off the table and struck me right away ... they had never been worn, (the soles were so baby butt smooth I was a little afraid I might break my ankle) and were crazy cheap, so to the 'purchased' box under my table they went!  

I'll admit it.  I am drawn to containers.  Round, square, metal, wood, wire, rectangular, new, old ... all of them. This one also had lettering and great patina with hardware... I didn't stand a chance!

See?  Another container!  Here I 'shopped' my own booth and tucked them away early Saturday morning.  I plan to use them somehow in my laundry room where I have a yellow wire potato basket.

These little vintage booties were such a deal... I need to mail them soon so they will still fit the little one I bought them for!

I bought this little sign of spring from the same gal I bought the shoes from!  Yes, you're right, I need to add some eggs... or jellybeans!

This is probably my favorite pick.  I just adore it with the shabby door in my kitchen.  I sold the door's mate from my booth.  I do have to rig the doorknob a bit (ok, ask my husband to help me rig it), since it sits against the wall and doesn't have enough room for the other 1/2 of the knob.  And, would you believe, I traded for this!  Yep, I had some items in my booth that fit better with their assortment, plus a little wood ladder that she wanted.  So, we worked out a swap-age and both came away pleased as punch!

Again,  a BIG THANK YOU to all that made a visit to the Flea Market, it was such fun to chat in person, and the instant camaraderie was a sweet surprise!  If you weren't able to come in person, thank you for your visits here or on Facebook, they give me a little lift each time!



Saturday, March 24, 2012

Two-toned Vanity

Two-toned Vanity $80 - SOLD

4 drawer cream and white vanity with light distressing.  All the drawers work well, with sturdy, pretty legs.
(I actually took this picture Monday!  Such a change, today is gorgeous!)

The drawers are dovetail construction.  The top does have a laminate on top, I primed, painted (2 coats), and sealed it.  I did the same to a dresser in my bedroom that has held up great, take a gander at a prior post, Re-graced for me .

Of course, this vanity could be used as a vanity, desk, or dresser.  Adorable with some pink or teal accessories for a little girl, or dreamy with more white and cream pieces for a more sophisticated look.

Email if you're interested in taking a closer look, .

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Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Flea market, March 2012

Couldn't make it?  I understand.  
I had big plans to be all set prior to the flea market.  After all, I had 5 months since the last one in October, someone pointed out to me.  And as I began to feel that little twinge in my stomach, I tried to correct my self-doubt and remembered a favorite quote, 

"If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough."

I took a deep breath and kept working as time seemed to tick by in the last day or two before last weekend.  As I worked, I recalled a few things.  First, and most importantly, I'm a mom.  Enough said on that topic, right?  Think homework, personal driver, playdate scheduler, ski-bum partner, garden assistant (none of which I would ever change!), and the maintenance stuff;  groceries & laundry.  Secondly, I have a full time career, working with a group of amazing people in a job I really enjoy.  Third - hey, wasn't there some big event in the last 5 months too - oh yeah, Christmas (again, think-mom) and my son's school auction that I finished and donated a few pieces to.

As I completed filling my booth, this recollection helped me feel a little better.  Then I realized it was nearly time to pick up my kiddo from school, fulfill another commitment, and Friday night is dinner out with my family.  AND I STILL HAD NOT PRICED and TAGGED MOST OF MY BOOTH!  (insert big twinge in my stomach here).

So, instead of crisp, fun angle photos with good lighting to share my booth, I thought I'd share with you the "I can use sequences photos of my booth to finish pricing after my kiddo goes to bed tonight" shots.    So here goes the show...

I know... that chair!  I could NOT leave it where I found it.  I did re-grace the legs, but the pink plush is all original.  My friend Jessamyn snagged it first thing Saturday morning - good thing, 'cause I really wanted her to use it.  She's an amazing photographer and I knew this chair would get some center stage love from her!  In fact, visit her website or on facebook:  Uptown Photography to see her skills in action-mad skills. I daydream in her photography shoots!

A quick long shot I had hoped to share on Friday night to peak your interest.   But, remember, I was up pricing!  Visit Livelygrace on Facebook for a much prettier picture from my friend and Wildhare Fleamarket owner/coordinator, Linda.

This photo kinda sums up my personal style, in a fleamarket kinda way.  I like worn paint,  doors for decor, vintage pieces like the enamalware pitcher, containers, (wood boxes, great hardware, galvanized metal, wire, essentially all containers!) letters, painted furniture, and little tarnished silver.  Now, my home doesn't look quite this haphazard, but you'll find a couple of these things in each room.

The two-toned creamy vanity was awaiting the center drawer that I brought Saturday morning.  This piece is still available, I'll post a full picture & pricing soon.

So the pictures are not perfect, they're actually kinda fuzzy, sorry.  I'm not perfect either.  But, Saturday morning came and my young sidekick helped me hang those labels, just in time to open.  I had the chance to visit with old friends and new, and found many junkin' kindred spirits.  I scurried back and forth in my vintage apron between my booth and all the other booths, a little 'junk drunk' I'm sure!  It is likely I made the rounds 3-4 times (at least!) to the other vendors, because I'd see something different each time!
I'll share better pictures of what I purchased at the fleamarket soon.  And I must admit, I shopped my own booth!  That vintage steamer trunk has some great storage under that tray where I stashed a few things I kept for myself!


Saturday, March 10, 2012

Door No. 1, 2, 3, and 13

Here's a little preview of what I'll be loading up to take to the Wildhare Flea Market.  Stop by my booth to see them in full.  Next weekend, Saturday March 17th 9-5, and Sunday March 18th 10-4 at the Bannock County Fairgounds, Pocatello, ID.

A sneak of No. 2.  Rustic goodness.  

No. 3.  A patina that can only be found after layers and layers and layers, (we're talking 6 or 7 over years & years) of paint.
(Sorry for the grainy photo,  I had to enlarge after some technical, aka, I'm not a teckie, difficulties)

No. 1.  It lives with me and has a happy home.  Yes, No. 1 and No. 3 are related.  This was a quick spring update by adding a little green and blue eggs.  The gigantic cloche?  Yes, awesome.  I actually buckled it into the backseat of my car when I found it to transport it home safely!

Not sure what you would do with a door?  They add color and texture by just propping them against the wall!  They can become a unique headboard.  They can become a sweet tabletop.  Between pinterest and the blogosphere, I'm sure you could find many amazing ideas.  

 No. 13.  Were you wondering how I went from 3 to 13?  Now you understand.  And check out that blue sky- it was wonderful outside today!

Hoping to see you next Saturday morning!
Bring your friends!


Friday, March 2, 2012

2 weeks 'til market!

This was my very first time attending the Wildhare FleaMarket as a vendor, about a year ago.
I had, of course, shopped at the fleamarket many time before.

The big bright thing in the top of the photo was actually decoration from my neighbors.  The girl scouts.  Who were there selling cookies.  Mmmm... samoas!

I was so excited (and nervous) about having a booth, I took a picture of my name on the floor.  I kinda like pictures of random things that make me smile.

My dad was a HUGE help, as was all of my family.
My dad makes me smile too!
A little blurry... he was on the move to get me all set up.

The Wildhare FleaMarket is in two weeks!  Saturday & Sunday.  So gather your pals, reserve the truck ( we live in Idaho, surely you or a friend have a truck!), and get there early for the best selection!  I'll keep you posted with the details. You can "like" my Lively Grace page on facebook, or enter your email above so you don't miss a thing!

I look forward to seeing you there!