Saturday, March 31, 2012

My picks

Here's a share of some of my picks from the Wildhare  Flea Market 2 weeks ago.  I didn't get much shopping accomplished on Saturday.  That's good, because I was busy visiting with so many of you at my booth - Thank You!!  But Sunday sees a lighter traffic (and my mom was sweet enough to help me in my booth!) , so I snuck out to shop the other vendor booths...

Quite the conglomeration, eh?  That's what I love about flea marketing, you just don't know what you'll find.  You can come with a plan for what you want to look for, or just be open to what strikes your fancy that day.  Those vintage shoes?  Well, they leapt off the table and struck me right away ... they had never been worn, (the soles were so baby butt smooth I was a little afraid I might break my ankle) and were crazy cheap, so to the 'purchased' box under my table they went!  

I'll admit it.  I am drawn to containers.  Round, square, metal, wood, wire, rectangular, new, old ... all of them. This one also had lettering and great patina with hardware... I didn't stand a chance!

See?  Another container!  Here I 'shopped' my own booth and tucked them away early Saturday morning.  I plan to use them somehow in my laundry room where I have a yellow wire potato basket.

These little vintage booties were such a deal... I need to mail them soon so they will still fit the little one I bought them for!

I bought this little sign of spring from the same gal I bought the shoes from!  Yes, you're right, I need to add some eggs... or jellybeans!

This is probably my favorite pick.  I just adore it with the shabby door in my kitchen.  I sold the door's mate from my booth.  I do have to rig the doorknob a bit (ok, ask my husband to help me rig it), since it sits against the wall and doesn't have enough room for the other 1/2 of the knob.  And, would you believe, I traded for this!  Yep, I had some items in my booth that fit better with their assortment, plus a little wood ladder that she wanted.  So, we worked out a swap-age and both came away pleased as punch!

Again,  a BIG THANK YOU to all that made a visit to the Flea Market, it was such fun to chat in person, and the instant camaraderie was a sweet surprise!  If you weren't able to come in person, thank you for your visits here or on Facebook, they give me a little lift each time!



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