Monday, January 21, 2013

Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint | No. 1

Brief exerpt of Christmas morning...

"Woohoo - I got milk paint!"

Yep.  There was paint under the tree for me:  Miss Mustard Seed Milk paint.   So, naturally after the excitement of the holiday, I was ready to try out my new paint.  I have a desk that I had already planned to re-grace and donate to my son's school.  Every year we hold a dinner and auction as the main fundraiser.  I also had in the garage a vintage dresser that has one of those perjectly worn tops, the type you hope you come across.  I had stained this piece, taken it to and from the last flea market, but still was holding back painting it.  And there was my quandry;  which piece of furniture and which paint?!

Sometimes this is where I hesitate.  But I had a gut feeling after oogling and reading about milk paint  the older dresser would likely lend itself well to that 'chippy' look milk paint can provide.   There you go, decided.

Milk paint arrives in a powder.  I read the instructions, and checked out videos on line of using milk paint.  I felt it mixed fairy easily, taking the time to mix well and then sit and then mix some more.  I would warn you to be sure to protect your countertop or work surface, or you could have a newly painted counter when you wipe up paint dust with a damp sponge.  I would also warn you to buy a second drink whipper tool- this worked great for mixing paint!

Painting with the milk paint was different that other paint I have used before.  Mixed as directed, it was way thinner than chalk paint,  which lends itself to the different finish.  In some areas, even while applying the paint, you're able to tell the paint doesn't want to adhere.  There is a bonding agent to add to the paint for such areas, or for having more control over chipping/distressing later.  But this was a new paint for me.  A chance to try something different.  A chance to just go with the flow of what the paint would do.  Are you getting the feeling this was a bit of a stretch?  

While painting with milk paint be sure to stir often and stir vigorously.  At times I noticed the bottom of the jar would have a thicker paint that the top.  Also, the color would change a bit if some paint settled to the bottom.

(Are you diggin' that drop cloth?  It was a vinyl tablecloth I picked up for $1.  When I unfolded it I realized someone had modified it into what appears to be a tree skirt.  Zipper closure and all!)

I applied 2 coats.  The wish of the paint to chip was more prominent after the second coat dried.  In some areas, the paint would flake off with merely rubbing a finger tip across it.  The top small drawers had lots of inherent chipping.   I took a paint scraper to the other drawers with just a tich more vigor to even up the worn look.
Waxing was a bit intimidating.  I was ultra gentle with the first layer of wax, trying to retain the paint that was adhered while bringing out the texture of the exposed wood.  I applied two coats and have had the piece in use in our home for approximately three weeks.  The wax has worked great without any paint flaking.

I'm loving the addition of color and that texture to our living room!

I am amazed how similar in color the dresser is to the strip on that trunk!  I've had the trunk for a while now, and did not paint that stripe- really!  The top of the trunk has faded hand written addresses.  The trunk at one time traveled from New York to California, imagine the stories it could tell.  The trunk is a favorite.  Now, so is the dresser re-graced into a tv console.

I have another piece in the works with this same paint.  And it has some lovely chipping!  Stay tuned, check back, follow by email, or like on  facebook ... I'll be offering the next piece for sale. 

 I would love to hear what you think of my first go of milk paint!

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  1. That turned out so well! Fabulous piece!

  2. Wow! I've been anxiously awaiting this post, and you certainly didn't disappoint! What a great review! I love how the dresser turned out... all that texture is just awesome!!! It looks great in your family room. What did you wax it with? I just might have to try some now!

    1. Danielle, you've made my day- thanks! I waxed it with Miss Mustard Seed furniture wax, which is even softer than the Annie Sloan wax, a bit stinky. I put two coats of wax on to get a good seal and would be a little hesitant with AS wax over the chippy part of the milk paint, just because of the thickness. It's a new technique for sure, I think I lucked out with this piece!

  3. Beautiful!! I have my first box of MMS in Shutter Gray, I've waited for the right project to come along and some tips before I used it. I think I'm ready after this post..thanks for the info on MMS's wax over AS, I'll be careful. Your drop cloth/vinyl table cloth did the job and its made to go around an umbrella pole on a outdoor table...your so cute!