Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I had really thought the Lively Grace part of my life would be busy busting out projects this summer.  How could it not?  The weather is great for painting, sanding, and cleaning.  It's yard sale season.  The kiddo's schedule is more laid back with summer.  And junking makes me happy. Right?
Don't get me wrong, summer is GREAT and I have a fantastic life.  Which may be why I don't feel I've completed as may projects as I had hope for.  Vacations, swim lessons, (work), chasing down the ice cream truck, hiking, time with friends, gardening, late beautiful evenings outside - all the great things summer is so filled with! So, instead of a post about sweet junk, I thought I'd share a bit of what I've been up to that has those projects waiting for attention and the 'junker' part of me that just peeks out regardless of where I am.

We rafted the Main Salmon River!

We were greeted with these lush waterfall side channels on a daily basis.

 We spent 5 days, 4 nights on the river with a great group of boaters!

I sat next to this cool kiddo every day!

We worked hard!  There's yours truly holding the boat (oh, did we stop in a few bushes?) while the captain scouted the next rapid.  And yes, every night camp was set up, and every morning re-loaded back into the raft.  (What, no pics of the rapids? uh, I was holding onto that cool kiddo : )

And on the hottest day (106 degrees) , we found a super fun way to stay cool!

We were engulfed in an amazing amount of history within that corridor of Idaho where the river runs.

We were able to walk into the home of Polly Beamis, one of the first settlers along the Main Salmon.  And my vintage, aged wood, chippy paint, rust loving junker heart was happy!

Photo opp!

See?  Rusty, chippy paint, vintage, aged wood... does anyone else find themselves taking pictures of these types of things?

(If possible, this would have become mine.)

Door -enough said!
 I also saw the coolest alien-green color paint on the side of a metal building along the drive to Salmon, ID, but if we stopped driving every time I saw a color or building that caught my eye, we may have missed the whole trip!

The most amazing colors, however, weren't man made. This picture doesn't even come close to the vibrancy in person.

My view out the window on the drive home ... follow that bus!

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