Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Tall boy dresser in Aubsomme Blue

Yes, aubsomme.  How many of you thought, "oh man, she miss-spelled the title!"
Well, luckily, no.  Aubsomme is the paint color, it's from the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint line.
I do, however, hope you think it is also 'awesome'.  

Aubsomme Blue Tall Boy $170
Pending Sold

It's a used Broyhill dresser that received a little re-gracing.  Wood construction with 9 drawers total, but don't you love the look of those drawers on top?

I left the top 'as is' for the contrast.  With it being a used dresser, the top has some scratches and imperfections.  Let's face it, so did the body of the dresser, but now it all just adds to the character.

This view (below) not only shows off the cool drawer liner original to the piece, but also shows the true color of the dresser, a blue with some depth to it.

Yep, the birdcage is also available, $16.  The bottom slides out so you can fit in a sweet nest, berries, book, or a bird : ).  The front little door also swings open and the top has a ring so it could also be hung.

The dresser is a tall one and is a great statement piece!  In person the color is just a shade deeper (see above) , with oil rubbed bronze handles. The dresser measures 38 inches wide, 19 inches deep, and 55 inches in height.  Priced at $170.

Leave a comment, I'd like to know what you think!
If you'd like to take a look, let me know!  Email me,, or call/text at 208.three90.8six53.



  1. I LOVE that color! It was one of the first ones I purchased, love it love it love it. Looks awesome with the stained top!

    1. Oh Danielle, thanks sooo much! Haven't met a chalk paint I didn't like!

  2. Hey Jen!
    I just sent you a text about the dresser! I love it and want to check it out! Give me a call when you can. =)

  3. I have this exact bedroom set and am looking to refinish it. Bookmarking you for inspiration! I love the colour, it makes this clunky 70's piece look fresh.