Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flea Market - have no regrets!

I wrote this post prior to the Wildhare Fleamarket last spring, but it all still rings true.  Most noteably the part about my blog taking a back seat while I prep for the current Wildhare FleaMarket - this FRIDAY and SATURDAY!   Now, back to cleaning, waxing, pricing, loading .....


     If you follow me on  facebook, you hopefully are aware of the upcoming Wildhare Flea Market.
If you don't follow me there, you should, 'cause you've missed out on my 'sneaks' of what is in the garage, quotes that catch my attention, and my 'stylish' attire at times : ).  And of course many 'heads up' reminders about the Flea Market, because the blog takes a little back seat as I focus on many goodies.

And I don't want you to have any regrets.

Because I understand regrets.  Not about my participation in the Wildhare Flea Market- I LOVE THAT!  But about what I passed up at a Flea Market I shopped in Boise in the spring.

Here is it.  
In all it's glory on the concrete floor of a flea market in Boise, Idaho.  
The OLD PAL Minnow Bucket.
My regret.

I was in a hurry... we were headed out of town and I had a time limit at the Flea Market.  That in and of itself is a tough one.  I made a fast loop thru, looking for what grabbed me first.  If I am pressed for time, I frequently will take a pic because with all the goodness and eye candy my brain becomes saturated and I am afraid I may forget a precious item that I meant to circle back to.  So pic I did.  My plan was to then return for the most awesome items, snag & hit the road.  But I was distracted by the vintage glasses booth.  (Oh, another facebook follower opportunity- see the photos of my vintage glasses there).  I spent too much time oogling over which glasses.  And when I returned for the minnow bucket ... yep, it was a gonner.  Picked by another.  I thought it would be a great piece of storage or typography in my kiddo's room.  It made me think of our yearly camping trip to a lake .... where I grew up trying to catch those minnows with my brother and friends, and now my kiddo enjoys the hunt.  Those minnows are still as fast as ever.

So, heed the quote I have placed on a chalkboard more than once;  

"You will only regret what you don't buy"

I'm not encouraging crazy overspending here.  I don't live by this quote.  I don't buy expensive handbags and I enjoy a good find from the thrift shops.  But when you come across something that speaks to you, encourages you to smile, be creative, or break out of the usual, I say go for it. 

It also says the good stuff goes quick!

I do hope to see you at the Flea Market, I'm afraid you'll regret it if you miss it!

Friday, March 22, 10-7  (later hours- woohoo!)
Saturday, March 23, 9-5

Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello



  1. Oh I do enjoy a good flea market or thrift shop somedays! And boy have I kicked myself in the past for passing something by only to find it gone when I decided I just had to have it later. Feeling your pain!
    Stopping by to check out your blog (one nurse to another) from Miss Mustard Seeds comments. :)
    Here's to both of us getting our "pie in the sky" dreams someday!!

    Jeannine @ The Concrete Cottage