Monday, February 18, 2013


 Hello all!

It's been a bit since my last post.  Where have I been you ask?

* Well, I was getting a touch of spring fever while writing an article for Pocatello Magazine for the March/April issue.  Seriously, I have saved this project for this specific issue since last summer ... without even a peek of it on the blog!  So don't miss the next issue for sure! 

* I am lucky to live close to family, so when there is a bump in the road we hang on together! 

* Next, my spring day dreams were pulled back into reality when I chaperoned my kiddo's 5th grade class to Yellowstone for an Expedition.  Yep, waking 11 year olds at 6am to begin their tasks of meal preparation, classroom studies, 6-7 hours of outdoor snowshoeing and learning, and then somehow getting the lights out and giggles quieted each evening.  It was beautiful.  And fantastic.  And I am thankful to have been ale to tag along.

* In between the above, I have been hoarding (my Mr.'s interpretation) and prepping all sorts of amazing picks for the upcoming Wildhare Flea Market!  Save the date, March 22 & 23, with later hours on Friday - woohoo!

So to get you inspired for the flea market, I've attached a link you won't want to miss.   I am loving this kitchen!  Yeah, the turquoise drew me in, but her use of found items for storage and shelving?!  Eep!  So take a gander.  Oh, and if anyone spots a battery display rack at the flea market - hands off,  it will be mine : )!

Our Kitchen - The Debut

Can't wait!

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