Friday, May 16, 2014

Vintage Youngstown Sink!

Isn't she adorable?!

You can imagine the comments when I hauled home a kitchen sink… : )
But a vintage Youngstown sink and original metal stand had to be rescued.

Of course, it would be amazing refinished and set into a kitchen!
But imagine it out on a patio, planted with flowers...

Or used as a vintage inspired drink container at a wedding or party,
(How about renting it out for such a purpose?! - I'd be tempted to rent it back for parties!)

How about in the laundry room, either plumbed and used for soaking and rinsing, or using each sink for a 'hamper'.  Have a butcher block cut to size one sink and you'd have a spot to iron and fold!

This Younstown Vintage Sink is now sold! 

Measures:  42inches wide, 24 inches deep, 40 inches tall at the back.
I found 2 posts of similar items on ebay at approximately 5 times this price. But I'm a gal in Idaho, who realizes the audience for such a piece is small, and I'd love to see it make it to a new home!!

Interested?  Call or text me at 20eight-39zero-8653 , we can arrange a time for a closer look!


  1. you know, i like the way you think. the fun is in the discovery, your brain on overdrive thinking of all the things a find might be. it's hard for me to move things on to like-minded people [i need to work on that] ,knowing i can't keep it all. e-bay prices have gone so far away from my budget that i rarely even look there. but to hear you say idaho prices makes me smile because we are different here!

  2. Great memories--we had one in our kitchen when I was growing up.