Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vintage Cabinet Project

The first coat of paint rarely looks great.

And although I love to use chalk paint and milk paint, I still use latex often.
This is how the cabinet looked when I brought it home.  The original paint on the exterior has some great chips and texture, so I kept that, hitting it with my sanding block in a few spots to help bring some of the character out further.
The cabinet doors actually sit flush with the bottom, so they didn't open and close easily.  My husband helped me, well, he did actually, reinforce the bottom because is was warped a little and not very secure, then added some vintage caster wheels I had been holding on to.  The caster wheels have lifted it off the floor a bit, so the doors open much easier, however, it makes it a little off balance if both doors are opened.  So, just in case you thought all my projects area smooth sailing, here's the skinny;  they don't.  We might have to do some tweaking there.

I'm headed out to the garage for a second coat on the interior, and the top.  I wish the top had been painted along with the doors and sides, so I'm hoping to paint and distress it enough it will blend well with the doors.  On the interior, you can see where it's going with it.  I think it will be pretty all white.  I chose to use a latex paint I have on hand.  I won't mind if the interior gets scuffed, chalk paint is expensive ($40 per quart), and once filled with some treasures, the difference in the old to new paint will be minimal.  
If you hang with me on Facebook you may have seen the initial picture a while back.  With summer, vacations, and work, sometimes my projects take a while to complete.  This one though, is staying with me.  This is actually good news for you though.  Behind this cabinet are my shelves, full of inventory and projects for the Wildhare Flea Market…
Save the date!!!  September 26 and 27
Stay tuned here and on  my Facebook page  for all the details!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished product! I think your cabinet is going to turn out looking great!