Monday, October 27, 2014

Not my usual Monday | Lula Q Marketplace

Some of my blog readers don't know I have a 'day job'.  I do in fact have a rewarding career in healthcare.  So most of my Monday's don't look like this.

With the sun out, old jeans on, and Eric Hutchinsin jammin thru my earbuds, I knew this was the start of a bomb-diggety week.
Between being a mom and work, I haven't blogged much lately, sorry.  What I have been doing on the Lively Grace side of things is picking, sanding, cleaning, painting, pricing, and crafting for my next event!
The Lula Q Marketplace will be taking place, November 21 & 22 at the recently remodeled Liberty Hall, 325 W. Benton, Pocatello. The remodel of Liberty Hall deserves its own blogpost, as does my connection with both of these ladies and their passions.  
For now, mark your calendar and follow me either on FB~ or Instagram~ #livelygracehome... I'll be posting there to keep you in the loop, reminding you of Lula Q Marketplace, providing sneak peeks, and keeping you aware of any giveaways happening!
As for today...

The real greatness is a little more mom time with this kiddo!!
Wishing us all a bomb-diggety week!

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