Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bookshelf : before & sneak headed to Lula Q

Well, let's face it, my before shots could use improvement.
That said, I usually think about taking the before shot after the first coat of paint, so let's call this an improvement, OK?

With the cooler temperatures in the evening, I moved the painting in.  The slippers add a nice touch, but I bet the chair really caught your eye.  Can you believe that was a score from the last flea market?  I just love it and it hangs with my vintage couch sooo well! (

Well, a sneak anyway.  

I like the strength of the black on this solid piece, with the warmth and wear of the distressing.  
I'll be taking it to the Lula Q Marketplace , in just 2 weeks, along with vintage finds, paper wreaths, and found goods.   I'll keep sharing posts from other vendors as well as giveaway info from Lula Q on Facebook & Instagram.

Make a plan to come, because I just know you'll be sad if you miss it!

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