Monday, December 26, 2011

Looking for input...

Here's to hoping everyone had a lovely Christmas.  Our holiday was filled with fun, excitement, great food, and our family.
The pace of life slowed down a little for us today (thank goodness!) and there was time spent on the floor playing games and putting off breakfast as we explored our good fortune a little further : ).  Soon, I was beginning to wonder when the tree could come down as the bug of January re-Juvenation began to creep in.  Ya know... the time when you plan to eat right, exercise, paint a room, organize and catalogue your holiday decorations, get 8 hours of  sleep, play with your kids more, scrapbook (or at least get the pictures in chronological order), DIY a bathroom, and keep the catch-all spot in the kitchen de-cluttered???
Well, that time is just about here.  But as I think about the tree coming down along with packing up the other Christmas jolly, I'm not sure about plans for my big window.

I found this old window in the garage of a local home about 3 years ago.  It sat with in the garage for almost a year as I slowly worked on the finish.  Not because it was difficult, but because I wan't quite confident in my plan for it.  Finally, I found the time and gusto to finish it off and hang it in my living room.  And I've been tickled with it ever since.

Following the holidays, my living room, for that matter, my home does not have much red, so the red berries will likely go, but I am so much so liking the dark twiggy branches with the distressed paint!

So.  Here's where I need your input.
The vintage sheet music wreath - too Christmas-y, or do you think it can 'hang' for a while?  

Go ahead.  Leave a comment.  No blogger account? - Sign up, it's free.  Or, 'like' my Lively Grace page on facebook and give me your thoughts!

Tomorrow, the list can wait.  I've got more games to play!

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