Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A favorite

Happy New Year!
So, OK, maybe it is well into the first week, but hey, didn't it come fast?
Taking a peek back, I'm pretty happy with 2011.  Not only did I have a booth at my first flea market, I did it again!  It may not sound earth-shattering, but it's something I had contemplated before, had a conflict for a specific prior date, and is a little leap of faith in yourself.  And it was a blast!  Plans are in the making for a March Wildhare Flea Market, and I've already got a few 'attraction' items set aside : ) !
I also started my blog in 2011, and have had fellow junkers, vintage lovers, and curious peeps actually take a look!  Not to mention selling a few things.   Thank you to all who have perused and continue to visit.

A favorite of 2011 is this stationary cabinet.  

Who knew underneath all that paint was such a cutie?     Well, I had high hopes as I loaded it into the trunk of my car - just fit.  Good thing my Dad visited the same sale, we stopped mid-road for him to check out my find in the trunk!  What an opportunity for me- he had a truck and picked up a vintage wooden box, that no matter how I hoped, would not fit in my car!

I used a more 'green' paint stripper, Citristrip, to remove the paint.  It worked well, without harsh fumes.  Still, stripping paint is a messy involved project.  

The inside needed a little de-cobwebbing.  Then I  stained both the top and inside.  I was so pleased with the color and time-loved look of the top!  Of course, then I pained and the sides and door, purposefully 'missing' areas and then distressing in areas after the paint dried.

This cabinet lives in the entry to my home.  Now, yes, I moved it into the kitchen during the Christmas cookie making project (yeah - I admitted the New Year snuck up) to get better light to share pictures with you.  This cabinet, and a look back at 2011 give me a little boost!  Both took a little searching (I didn't notice this cabinet on the first go-thru at the sale), some hard work, patience, and risk taking;  here's to more in 2012!



  1. That is a darling are getting good my friend!!!

  2. Aw, thanks Linda, your encouragement has meant a lot!

  3. It looks great! I just signed up for my own booth that I will be starting next month...I look forward to seeing what you will be up to this year. I am your newest follower :-)

  4. Very nice! Love the distressed finish. Did you use ASCP? Glad to hear you did well at you first flea market experience. Sadly, my first craft fair was a disaster but I learned a lot. Continued success!

  5. Joselyn - Thank you! Actually, the paint is a Sherwin-Williams, b.u.t., I DID get some ASCP for Christmas and have been so enjoying it, planning to post those pictures soon. Best of luck with your next craft fair, I've learned heaps and met some fantastic people, not to mention bought some cool junk and ate yummy cupcakes : ). Keep at it!
    @ Brooke- awesome! I'm headed over to Spruce Your Nest!

  6. Oh my goodness! This cabinet is amazing! LOVE it!

  7. What a great job-love it-I'm your newest follower from miss mustard seed-stop by for a visit!

  8. What a cool little cabinet! I love what you did with it.

  9. This is such an awesome cabinet! You did a great job!

  10. Wow- thanks ladies, I'm stopping by to visit you too!