Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New goods!

A Bookshelf - SOLD

It is not a 'vintage' piece, but it was looking old.  Now, it's a fresher version with a little distressing to look as though it's been used for years.  Now, it's a fresher version with a little distressing to look as though books have been housed for years on it's shelves.

Sturdy.  A great staple piece for books, collections, or a cute combination of children's books, wooden toys, and fabric bins to hold kiddo 'treasures'.

Measures:  30 in. length, 31 in. height, 14 in. deep
Full disclosure here- the backing is not wood, it's a moderate thickness pressboard.  But, this puppy does boast 3 coats of paint and hand-applied wax to protect the finish and give that time worn patina.  

Creamy metal birdcage  $16
Able to hand from the hook.  Latch closure on working door

The turquoise tray?  Well, if you have visited my blog before, or 'like' Livelygrace (all-together now) on facebook, you may have noticed my affinity to turquiose.  So, for now, it stays.  But I will share a photo another photo...

cute, eh? 
But I do have cute available for you too...

Gilded framed vintage key with your choice of initial  $  10 (each)
2 available

Maybe a sentimental Valentine's gift, just a thought!  Approximately 3 inches square.  

Some house keeping:
Items for sale are for local pick up, cash sales only.
Please contact me via email initially, then we can set up a time for you to have a look.
Sounds stock, but no obligation to buy if you take a closer look. 
Receive an email regarding future posts - add your email to the list a the top of this post. 

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