Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too bright...or just about right?

Just a little look... this will be at my booth at the Wildhare Flea Market next month (March 17th & 18th).  It's ready for a second coat, but I have other pressing check boxes on the To Do list tonight.  Plus, the real questions is,  I'm wondering ... too bright, ... or just about right?

Imagine a little distressing, and aging as well.  But weigh in.  Give me your two cents worth, here as a comment, or on facebook and help me make the call.  I could tone it down a little with the next coat, but should a statement piece be toned down?  What kinda statement does that make?  But a little softer color cold be oh-so-sweet!  See, I need a little feedback, or I could go back and forth all night.  
K, back to my task at hand.  Then tomorrow, paint!



  1. It looks really fun as is! You could always leave it, and if it doesn't sell, tone it down later...

  2. I really like it! Is the interior on the bottom an off white, creamy color? Looks great to me!!