Friday, February 24, 2012

Open shelving

Lucky for me, I had the truck the day I found this piece.  When I came across it, I started hauling it behind me, 'cause I was taking it home.  Not leaving to chance that someone else would nab it as I continued to scan.  Again lucky for me, a nice gentleman suggested I take the tag off to stake my claim, likely keeping me from tweaking my back.  Sometimes I get distracted by 'junk'.

So, here's the 'kinda-before' shot.
There was a sunny afternoon that I had a few minutes, so I wasted no time dragging it outside for a quick sanding.  Now you may agree I could have looked a little unique holding onto this as if someone else may come swipe it from me.  But it had great potential.

In order to continue the dragging theme, I drug it into my living room to get a pic.  Now, I originally thought this would go in my booth, but it's really growing  on me.  

I think it would be awesome in a kitchen.  My kitchen though, has great, sunny windows... but not a wall area large enough.  So, I'll need to drag some furniture around the house and see where it may fit in.  Although I like the placement in the picture, I drug a chair and sidetable away from the wall to get a  shot.  I do like to sit with other people in my home, so I'll have to make another plan.

This is my favorite shelf.  Maybe it's unique to take a pic of your favorite shelf, but what the heck!  

I used a combination of different paints and waxes along with distressing to get the finished look.  And I'm pretty tickled with the end result.

And these are my favorite bowls.  My sweet parents gave them to me for Christmas.  Grapefruit looks amazing in them (so does french vanilla ice-cream!) .  
I like  how sometimes a little color can brighten my day!



  1. Good find! Wish I could stumble upon something like that! Looks great!

  2. Gorgeous Jen! Found you through Miss Mustard Seed. New follower! :)

    Happy Easter!!

  3. It's gorgeous! I know how you feel about hauling something around so no one else will get it... I'm even still nervous after removing the tag! LOL!