Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Barn door; headboard style

Sometimes I just have to try it out.  So, although I had already propped the barn door on my kiddo's bed to check the length, I did it again, just to give you a lookie-loo.  'Cause sometimes you have to see it to know if something will 'work', I get that.

I commandeered my son's room for an evening.  Sorry about the grainy photo below; I was working as fast as I could to still have some sunlight.  And it took a while to go from kiddo to farmhouse ! Oh, and no, I did not iron the bedding (don't pretend like you didn't notice!).

I had a hard time stopping at just the bedding.  The side table just couldn't stay 'grade-school boy' style now could it?  The pic gives you an idea of size and scale if the door was on it's side used as a headboard.  I just balanced in on the bed, of course, it would need to be secured to the wall and could be hung a little higher to give it a little more impact and height.  The texture of the headboard against crisp sheets- yeah! 

Maybe you're looking for a smaller bit of texture or vintage flair!

Barn Door $58

Vintage book stack (3 books)  $6

Vintage Baby Ben Clock $8
winds and ticks, or set to a special time (time of day your kiddo was born-sweetness)

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but I did return the kiddo's room back to 'grade-school boy cool'.  And yes, I do want to paint that side table, in fact, that's what I had in mind when I purchased it, but, he likes it the way it is.  Who am I to cramp his style?

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Thanks - Jen

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