Saturday, April 14, 2012

New items; yeah Spring!

Last year we completed a big outdoor project of putting in raised beds for our garden.  By the time we completed the DIY work, we were a little short on the growing season, but still enjoyed growing our veggies.  This year the boxes await and we have begun indoor (OK, my son has spurred us to begin indoor seeds).  Luckily, we have great sun in the kitchen that extends into our family room.  Also lucky, I have a selection of crates, side tables, and such that are now lining said sunny areas for all the seedlings!  So, although I am  hopeful it will, the little wall in my kitchen really doesn't look like the picture here, it's more like a line up of seeds in plastic trays, re-used plastic cookie trays (the ones with lids from the bakery section make great mini green houses), seed packets, and water bottles.  But maybe this weekend I'll get a little style mixed in with the greens ... although, I see more planting coming too!

Hope you enjoy a few items I have available.   These are for sale locally and I accept the green stuff (cash that is).   Contact me via email if you would like to purchase or take a look in person:

Wood-topped small green shelf $ 46

 It has great curves with a little distressing.  The top wood piece has a great inlaid pattern that creates 2 lines (you can see it better in the picture of the juicer)

Upcycled cabinet door chalkboard $22
solid wood & heavy, with great character
 Chalkboards make great wedding gifts!

Small domed cloche $4
 with plate $5
(check our tomato start- woohoo)

Well used vintage watering can $16- SOLD

 So well used, the handle is gone, but a prior owner shored it up with a little silicone.  I have one that leaks from the bottom ... I kinda like the water dripping on my toes when I use it to water my flowers!

Vintage crock $ 14

Chippy paint juicer $6
I like metal and chipping paint, the handle rotates around to lift the top where you would insert the orange or lemon, but I would not recommend actually juicing with it!  It does look quite cute on top of kitchen cabinets though.  On the top front area it is inscribed "Juice-o-matic".

Happy Saturday!
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