Friday, July 19, 2013

New post with Old finds!

Vintage Costco Folding Step Ladder in Red -sold

Have you seen these before?  The two lower steps fold back under the seat.  The second step does actually lay flat, I think I had it on a grass mound and didn't notice when I took the picture.  (And now it's dark outside...)

 Although the original pad for the seat and backrest is missing, the charm and function are still here!
The seat (and steps!) are perfect for potted plants, a small stack of books, a super hip nightstand, or  displaying a favorite bowl in vintage style in the kitchen.  How about adding your family's last name initial to the backrest, or perhaps, DINE?  How fun!

Vintage Hoosier Cabinet Bins -sold

I believe these are metal bins from an antique Hoosier cabinet.  Hoosier cabinets many times had a flat surface near waist height for kneading dough and flour was stored within the metal cabinets.  Other examples I found on-line had a flour sifter built into the bin.   Wouldn't it be fun to have the cabinet these went into originally?!

The base of the metal bin is not as deep as the cabinet door.  I placed 2 bricks under the back metal corner and that leveled them out and kept them sturdy.  They both have fantastic hardware, chippy white paint, and worn red paint on the curved aspect of the bin.  The straight side and interior of the bins have a lovely galvanized patina. 

 Wouldn't these be cute as laundry hampers?!  (The small chalkboards are not included).
The small chalkboards are cute, but a small handmade or painted tag would work, or imagine vinyl letters to label the bins.  The interior panel of the doors could also be painted with chalkboard paint.  

They could also make a super unique and sweet planter.
Sooo many possibilities!

Wood Wine Box $10

White Metal Basket Stand -sold
(pail not included)

Great for a plant stand or holding rolled towels in the powder room.

Contact me if you're interested!
208-390-8653 or


  1. I have one of those Costo step stools in my kitchen. I got it at an auction many years ago, and it's in mint condition. We paid $5 for it! I painted my 2 granddaughter's names on the back rest, and they fought over who got to sit in it when they came over. :) Now I think I will remove those names since they dont sit in it anymore, since they are 17yrs and 15 yrs old now. :) Well, now that I typed that out, I dont think I will remove those names at all. Too many memories. Have fun with your step stool! They are one of a kind.

  2. My hubby stored lots of wood wine box in our basement. We're planning to use them as a substitute for pots, and shelves, but we still don't have time to pursue our project. One thing is for sure, our garden will become even livelier with those vintage boxes. :)