Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vintage couch; phases 1,2 & 3

How many 'phases' does a couch have you ask?  I'm not sure myself.  I do know that I take the 'collected/decorated over time' look to heart.  I bring in new to me pieces and live with them for a while.  And then I fuss with them.  I lean shabby painted shutters against the wall for a week (or more) to get a feel as to how they will look.   It is likely this couch may experience a few more phases, but here's how it has come so far ...

Phase 1:  The purchase

There is an ever changing room in our home.  I have been on the hunt for 2 chairs to use here for a long time, but haven't come across any.  (My husband said I could try a furniture store and might have better luck than junking, but what fun is that?!).  I knew the couch was awesome when I saw it, but would it be for our home or an item to sell?  It's a big piece to be slid into the garage without being noticed.  I needed to have a plan for this gal.  The Mr. was unsure about a used vintage couch, but sweet as he is, agreed to give it a go!

Phase 2:  The cleaning

I gave it a thorough vacuuming and then used Zorb from Dyson which is a different type of carpet shampoo.  I sounded like a commercial for Zorb answering questions from family, "it's a million ??? super tiny moist sponges that you work into the fabric, it absorbs the dirt and then you vacuum it up".   The couch was dusty in areas, but not gross and didn't have any odors(yeah!).  The Zorb worked great and the couch is now super soft and fresh!  (I think this goes without saying, but I have no affiliation with, nor am I receiving any compensation from Dyson.  If there are any Dyson folk out there that are happy with my take on their product, give me a call ; )

Phase 3:  The moving in

Outside of our house, we have been working on a re-do of a sprinkler system, landscaping, and water run-off management.  A-hem, we've been digging a lot of dirt, is what I meant to say!  So although the couch has been a nice place to take a break in the shade of the garage, once it was clean we were ready to have the space back.

I am quite tickled!  It's a perfect perch for a morning cup of coffee, a place for conversation, and a great reading spot.  It's perfectly worn in like a favorite pair of jeans.  And I've already fussed with it a bit.  The shabby mirror was already in place, but I'm already thinking there needs to be a bit more there. The pillow is a vintage seed sack that I scooped up from Vain & Vintage in Pocatello before I purchased the couch.  Honestly, I haven't even sown the end closed yet - that's the fussing part.  (Let me know what you think- does it work?)  And you may have noticed the propping of artwork on the chair rail - just gonna try that out for a while.  The wood work on the couch needs a little re-Gracing, that will be another phase.  What's next?  Who knows... I am going to enjoy and continue to 'collect over time'!

I'd love to hear your comments!

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  1. What a beautiful couch! Love the style of it! ; )