Monday, September 23, 2013

More to say | After The Vintage Flea

I gave a heads up on facebook that my head was swimming with my experience from the past weekend.  Bear with me, here goes...

I woke up Friday morning with the feeling ' my world was good'.  My mom would be able to stop in at the market today.  See, the previous Wildhare flea market in March, mom was in the middle of a health hurdle, well, a mountainous hurdle actually.  But she handled it like a 'tough as nails' cowboy, and that blessing kicked off a wonderful weekend. 

One might believe the Wildhare Vintage Flea is all about selling wares, hauling out less than you brought, and sales at the end of the day.  From my vantage point, it involves much more.
Linda, the Wildhare lady herself and organizer of the event, has described set up day like a family reunion.  I would agree.  I knew Susan had been canning apples the day before we moved in.  Who has time for canning at that stage of the game?!   What I do know is I am always drawn to Susan and husband Jay's booth for jars, canisters, buckets, etc.  This year I picked up the cutest vintage glass Crisco jar with a blue/turquoise label!  Danielle (from Antique Recreation) and I had a quick catch up session about kids and schooling.  Oh, and of course which paints we've recently tried!

My friend Bret, his sister, mother, and nephew run one of my favorite booths to shop.  It's a pickers dream right inside the fairgrounds, except they have removed most of the dust already.  Bret had moved out of state within the last year, but I knew something was up from his facebook posts.  When we met up Friday he told me he was back in town.  I could have guessed from his mother's smile. 

Don't get me wrong,  selling is a huge part of the market.  Finding goods, cleaning, sanding, painting, distressing, waxing, packing, fixing, and hauling has all happened for months prior to the show.  Many vendors, including myself, spend all day at the fairgrounds Thursday.  Just ask my husband.  But have you ever tried to fit furniture, vintage wares, and industrial goodness into a 8x10 space with room for people to walk thru AND try to make it look nice?!  I believe I had close to 200 price tags printed, and only have a few left.  How 'bout them apples?

Crisp and sweet, I tell ya!  Friday mornining in the barn was a hub of activity!  Familiar faces that have shopped my booth before came in along with many new followers!  I heard 'oohs, I love it!,  yay!, and I'll take it!".  I talked paint - one of my favorite subjects- with shoppers, drooled over the great finds they had procured in other booths, and soaked in the sunshine filtering in thru the open doors of the barn.   You found pieces for your home, photo props, an item you've been looking for, or something that made your heart sing!   Friday was my best sales day so far in this adventure of mine.  And I thank you all so much!!

Friday was so productive in fact, other vendors asked, 'do you have anything big to bring in for tomorrow?'.  Nope.  I did have more to bring, but hadn't imagined the 9 drawer dresser, tall Basset dresser, craftsman desk, and Greenie the hutch would all sell on Friday!  Cut to another fun part of being a flea market vendor;  bouncing ideas off your booth neighbors.  I had just purchased a 'it sat outside on the back porch and has some spray paint on top of the old paint' table from another vendor.  It is precious - just my style!  But at home I had a lovely, solid wood, never before painted, drop leaf antique table that I use as a project desk, across the room from my vintage couch.  I processed thru my conundrum with my fellow booth neighbors.  Luckily, they had already spent a day and a half with me, so my little hop/skip when I finally landed on a decision just made them laugh (rather than think I was a complete nut)!  In fact, the girls asked me to do it again!

(sorry-grainy, tricky in the morning sun)
So Saturday morning the antique table was moved in.  My husband was soccer-parenting, and although I didn't want to miss my kiddo's soccer game, the timing was not going to work out.  My kiddo and I had talked about it.  He is a great kid, and knows my heart lies with him. 

Enter my dad.

 He helped me load another truck full, unload and set up, and hang price tags on all my new editions.  All before the doors opened Saturday morning.  He's amazing!  If you visited on Saturday, you may have met him.  He was the guy scoping out all the license plates and watching my booth while I was out shopping!

And shop I did!  Isn't this the coolest hanging rack ever?!  It will (someday) hang on that wall in my laundry room.  For now, this is as wide a shot as anyone is allowed to see in my laundry room!  I purchased this fun find from Sherry, a long time family friend and previous hairdresser.  In fact, she styled my hair for my wedding ... small world.   My new friend Candis (from Alice and Hatter) and I  swapped purchases from each other's booths.  We have gotten to know each other since the last flea market and never tire of talking 'shop'!  On Saturday we realized what we had both sensed; we have more connecting us than just a love of junk.

And just when one thought the day couldn't get any better.... Hot Flash band arrived.  Add music to the open air barn on a lovely day and it was a party!  We were dancing in the barn and singing along.  Yes, I am that girl, and no one will ever stop me from dancing whether I have a partner or not.  Apparently I inherited that from my dad, who was dancing with one of my booth neighbors while I was cutting a rug out by the band plus grabbing a quick snap of Miss Wildhare herself dancing with her husband.  So lovely. 

Saturday night I was helped by family to pack and haul what I had left back home.  We gathered for dinner out and I eagerly listened to the recall of the great moves on the socer field.  There was even an 'awesome, mom' refering to meeting a goal I had set for this market from a long-legged kiddo I know : ).

Perhaps it's the sawdust still in my sinuses, or  being short on sleep, as to why I feel nostalgic about the Vintage Flea. Regardless, my blessings out number those price tags. 
I warned you it wouldn't fit  into a facebook post!

Here's to sunny days spent in a barn, and more soccer games to come!


  1. I'm in LOVE with everything you have!!! Do you sell your stuff aside from the market?

    1. Why thank you!! Yes, I do sell from my blog (with local pick up at my house or a location agreed upon). Keep visiting ... there's some left overs from the market & new-old goodies to come too!