Friday, September 27, 2013

Mantel Layering

Last weekend at The Vintage Flea market,  a friend & shopper shared with me her purchase for her mantel.  She had found an awesome wire caddy and filled it with blue Ball Mason jars.  It was really great.  And it was motivating for me.  Standing in my booth filled with vintage awesomeness (if I do say so myself!)  I knew my mantel at home could use a little re-Gracing.

Yes, it's fine.  And when you're prepping for a flea market, dusting off your algebra skills to correct homework, and transporting to and from soccer, 'fine' works.  You have those areas in your home too, right?  The vignette that 'works', the areas that 'don't work', the spots where there is no decor, and those areas that are, well, 'fine'.
I took a little decorating hint from my Lively Grace self.  Although I don't want my home to be as packed as my booth was on Friday morning, I do love the layers that came together (missed it? - check out some photos in my last post by scrolling down).
So I added a bit of layering to my mantel.

The trunk and metal W are two of my favorite finds.  Take a closer look at the trunk in this post.  I know it's autumn , and this hint of orange is not enough to call this a 'fall' mantel.  And yep, I tucked a ski picture in there, realizing I could use a 'autumn' photo of all of us together.  Decorating my home is always a process and always changing, so that photo won't stay there for long.  
And I'm liking the layering, it's better than 'fine'.

I don't expect this to last long anyway.  Halloween is just around the corner, so we will be pulling out our stash of skulls, webs, and eyeballs to spook up the house a bit!

Have you re-Graced anything in your house recently?


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