Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Items available | 10-2013

I have a few things left from the Vintage Flea!  Each market I envision returning home, throwing out fast but cute displays, snapping shots and having them up on my blog the week after.

Then reality sets in.

The last week before a market is a huge push, which means many other things  move down the priority list.  Let's just say last week on those really cold days, I was pulling shorts out of the laundry!

But I'm back in the swing.  I submitted my article for the next Pocatello Magazine, we have planted a grove of trees and shrubs at our house (well, ok, multiple), hit the mountain bike trails, and cooked up some zucchini bread within the last two weeks.  And I finally nabbed some quick shots of some items you may have missed during the market.  I know, I'm sure after three days I didn't see everything either!

Interested in an item?  Call/text 208-390-8653.

Large Presto Jar with zinc lid $8 -sold
Lipton Tea Tin $8

Vintage bench - sold
Fantastic layers of paint, some chipping/wear and exposed wood that only come with years of use!
13.5 inches tall, 15 inches wide, 11 inches deep

Vintage suitcase $ 18 (reduced)
Well loved with initials both stamped and written!  

Napa Valley Wood Case -n/a
Stamped with 'Napa Valley Box Company"on the side, originally used to store cassette tapes, but a makes great backdrop for a shelf or display piece, or unique storage.  

Number 3 USA crock  - sold
In great condition!  

American Tourister Luggage Set - sold
With keys and travel tag! 

Green Wood Chest - sold
Measures:  14inches tall, 14 inches deep, 26 inches wide
Great handle on front (and one side, one side is missing).  All wood construction with great original paint!  The paint on top is a different color, grey color on the sides.
(The chalkboard lives here, you can see it has important information!)

Vintage-Hip Blue typewriter - sold

Baby Ben Clock $8 -sold
Who else loves this corner of the chest?! 

Handmade Wooden Truck - sold
(Yes, the wooden chest would be great in a little boy's room!)

Stack of vintage books - sold

Thanks for stopping by!  208-390-8653 to purchase or if you'd like to take a closer look!


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