Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Thankful for a Sawzall

One evening last weekend, after the To-do list was as crossed off as it could get, homework was wrapped up, and the kiddo was off to the shower, I took a few minutes to treat myself to a little 'junk time'.
I've had this ladder longer than I'd like to admit.  Once used by my husband's great uncle, my mother in law snagged it for me when she saw it was in the discard pile when downsizing.  I just love the worn wood, the contrast of the metal brackets and the paint drips.  For a while I was stuck on just where to use it.  At approximately 99 inches, it is not an easy fit. I had been trying it out in my laundry room for a while, but in order to have it not protrude 2 feet from the wall ( space that is needed on a laundry room) it required a little trimming.  Hence my hesitation...enter the Sawzall.  I was ready to make this ladder work for me and took off a couple inches at the bottom.
Here's a quick photo after I got it moved back in...

It could use a few more aprons and the room some more detail, but I am so giddy with it already!

Then I logged onto Facebook and read so many lovely posts of what friends were thankful for. 

Posting about being thankful for a Sawzall seemed shallow, but here's where it lead me:

Thankful for the freedom I have to buy what others may call 'junk'.
Thankful I have a sweet husband who came out into the cold garage to help me with said Sawzall.
Thankful I have a home to haul my ladder into.
Thankful for a laundry room with appliances, power, and clean water.  
And so thankful I get to wash dirty socks for a young boy : ).

And I haven't even mentioned my power sander yet ; )

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