Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Vintage Ladder Advent Calendar

Now,  first, let me tell you I was late.

I should have started planning this in November.  
When I heard of the idea.  From a fabulous reader.  Who wanted to buy the 'other half' of my vintage ladder.  
Alas, the amazing, worn wood, metal reinforced, paint splattered,  99 inch tall ladder with years of patina was too tall for her needs.

Yet she shared her plans for the ladder with me anyway;  a Pinterest sighting of a vintage ladder used for an advent calendar.  Sweet as a candy cane, this gal!

There they were!  Vision of burlap bags, numbers, ribbons, and baker's twine dancing in my head, whenever I laid down for a short winter's nap!  You see, as November turned to December, I was preparing for the Wildhare Vintage Christmas Faire;  painting, sanding, cleaning, pricing.  (Take a peek at what I have still available, here and here).  Mid December came so quickly!

Still wanting the joy of a kiddo's excitement, I set to work!  "Burlap bags will have to wait until next year"  thought the mom with not a single gift wrapped as she spotted green gift bags with white polka dots. (I had already checked the local craft store, hoping there were some already made burlap sacks, but no luck.)  There it was, an idea as bright as Rudolph's nose!  Paper lunch sacks, left over from a craft project of Christmas past ; ).

As I secured the bags filled with small notes and surprises, I realized 25 bags would have overcrowded the ladder.  Not to mention wiped out Santa's inventory of stocking stuffers!  And today, on day 8, when the kiddo asked to open today's bag before school,  I smiled. 

I was not too late to create some excitement. 
I was not to late to add another favorite vintage find to our decor.
I was not too late to see a twinkle in my kiddo's eye with a small surprise and a message of the reason our family celebrates this time of year.

(But maybe I'll start making those burlap sacks for next year in July, someone remind me, OK?)
May your Heart be Merry and Bright!

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