Sunday, January 12, 2014

Out of town junkin'

Recently, we headed out of town to hit the slopes!

One may wonder why I took a snap of the view out our hotel window.  It is not majestic, and I cut off the hill.  This view don't really speak to how nice the hotel really was, either.  But look close.  Yes, that's a ReStore truck … right out my window.
Junkin' Karma, my friends!

We had a great time!  I couldn't get these guys to stop on the run long enough to get a photo.  This snap on the lift was a bit tricky with cold fingers out of my gloves, but kinda fun.

I knew I wanted to get into that Re-Store during our trip.  My boys were less than enthusiastic about stopping, since we had already shopped thru town, including a thrift store visit where I came up empty handed.  The legs were tired and a dip in the pool was on the agenda as well.  A plan developed;  I would be dropped at the Re-Store then walk back to the hotel, just round the block.  

I entered the store and began scanning:
 (knowing I wanted to keep my timeframe short, so as not to miss out on the 'pool party') 
… '80's couch;  don't need that.  Vintage settee:  lovely, but not likely to do well in the back of the truck in the snow, and at $498, a bit steep for me when it still needs some re-gracing.  Nightstand: laminate with pressboard.  Bunch of lights and wiring parts:  naw.  Solid , thick, wood piece with a few spots of paint that have hung on:  PERFECT!

I paid for my purchase as a professionally dressed gal came in, asking for help to unload office chairs.  Now, she may have been hesitant to haul a 2 inch thick, heavy piece of chippy paint wood down the streets of Jackson Hole during a snow storm.  I didn't think twice about it.  I had that sweet find adrenaline to motivate me to heave this back to the hotel.  Handy, there was an alley between the store and the street closer to our hotel entrance, just had to shimmy past the Bud Light truck with my find and tip my head down into the snow storm to keep the wet snowflakes out of my eyes.
The piece is really fabulous.  I'm not quite sure if it will live with me for a while, end up on the blog, or in a booth down the road.  Seriously,  all of the above are possibilities! 


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