Saturday, April 19, 2014

Peas & Forks

At least a year ago, I bought a group of 4 silver-plate dessert forks.
I didn't have any idea what I would use them for.  I just liked the bit of tarnish they had, and found them appealing, tied up in a little string.

About 6 weeks ago, I planted some pea seeds.  It was snowy and windy, and I thought a few green sprouts would add a hint of spring to our house and my booth at the last flea market.  (Then I loaded all my stuff into my booth and realized there just wasn't room for a plant!)

Yesterday, the plants were drooping over the sides.  It was obvious the pea plants needed some support and although the sun is out, Idaho weather is not yet kind enough to move these out to the garden beds.

The pea plants will outgrown them soon, sure. 
But I think these dessert forks will be used again as my garden forks.

Peace to you,

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