Wednesday, April 23, 2014

John's table

My friend asked me to paint and refinish a drop leaf table.  This table - with inventive supports for the leafs - was hand made by her great-grandfather.

I loved this story from the beginning.

The story continues~
Years ago, someone painted the apron the table top sits on, the legs, and one of the leaves.  The table top has also been replaced at some point in time, so it doesn't quite match the leaves.
Taken at first glance, the table didn't seem to be enticing to family members of this generation.  Knowing it had belonged to her grand-father, and built by her great-grandfather, said friend kept the table with her in the family, moving and storing it.  Now with plans to make it more appealing to her everyday use.

While prepping the table,  I came across this….

...written on one of the apron sides that supports the table top, but not easily seen with the leaves either up or down.
John was her grandfather.  
We wondered how old he was when he wrote his name on the table.  Why did he write it?  Did his mom know?
I love the stories an old piece of furniture can tell.
Hi penmanship is still on the table, we'll see just where our refinishing plans take us from here.


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