Friday, November 18, 2011

Gifts you won't find on black Friday

Looking for a unique gift?  Something out of the ordinary?  These don't require a trip out at 0'dark thirty in the morning, no crowds when you come to take a look, and gift wrap available on most items.  (Speaking to husbands here... sounds pretty good, eh?)

Red 2 tiered scalloped side table $40- SOLD
measures:  W-21in.,  D-13in.,   H-22in. 

Vintage "Zero" fan  $24
Small cloche, scalloped edge $6
(eggs not included) 

 3 legged side table with metal edge  $22 - SOLD
brown wire basket $6- SOLD

Warn red, small door $16
18in X 15

Vintage, red rimmed enamel bowl with lid  $12 - SOLD

Vintage ice bucket  $18
a great gift paired with a favorite beverage,  wine not included (really!)

Distressed turquoise framed chalkboard  $24-SOLD

Galvanized tub -sold
fun container for magazines, toys, or filled with ice and drinks for a party
15 in diameter
berries not included

Sage green distressed frame chalkboard $22
Red frame chalkboard $20 - SOLD

Vintage picnic basket  $20
with hinged lid

Grey, lightly distressed 5 drawer dresser $112

Vintage sheet music wreath $30

Chippy paint vintage window $26
a little red peaks out from under the distressed white paint -
 the photo doesn't do the patina justice, but I had run out of daylight!

Contact me via email,, for purchase, or to take a closer look. 
 Local, cash only sales.  

Thanks for visiting!

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