Thursday, November 10, 2011

Re-GRACEd for me

I had used the same dresser since my childhood.  When I was a tween, my dad stained a wood framed mirror to match and sit atop my dresser, so I could do all the girly things teenage girls do in front of a mirror.  I think this was one reason this dresser stayed with me for so long.
As far back as I can remember, it was the dresser in my room.  It moved with me when I headed to college and had an apartment.  It traveled with me through the many moves you make while in college, has been the dresser my husband and I used in our first home, and continued to use in our current (2nd) home.
I'm a thrifty gal.  The dresser I had was in great shape, sturdy.  So I didn't need a new dresser. But, it was time for a change.

 So, thrifting I went.  When I found this dresser and knew it was it.   In the picture, she looks deceivingly shabby.  In reality, she was scratched, poorly painted, and a little grimy.  The friendly worker at the thrift store tried to show me a different dresser, in "better" condition.  But it didn't have the legs, curvy lines, detail and potential this one did.  So, I kindly thanked him for his concern, (as I stood with one hand on this gal, worried someone might purchase her right out from underneath me) while I waited for him to tag it as mine, 'cause although I can fit more than you would think into my car, I knew this wasn't gonna work.
 A call to my brother and home she went!  
Oh, the Mr.?  Well, he was working, and had the truck, and at that time, wasn't always feeling the groove on the "finds" I was bringing home.

A little re-GRACE-ing, and here's the new look.  Although I liked the black, I was wanting something brighter, so I went with an off white.  And then added back in some of the worn edges and corners.

And yes, I kept the mirror from dad!


Does someone hold your key?  I have two of these petite square frames with vintage keys, tied on with a small piece of twine available for purchase, personalized with the initial of your choice.  Sweet next to a picture on your dresser, or as a gift!                                       $8
Please contact via email, if you are interested.  Local, cash sales only, located in Chubbuck.   Thank you!


  1. Wow! I couldn't believe that was the same dresser! Good find and great work! Did you use a glossy finish or just gloss paint?

    1. Wow - thanks Melanie! Since it was a laminate top (would have loved to find a wood piece, but just couldn't pass up the style on this one) I primed it, then painted it with 2 coats of satin finish. I really wanted it to stay put, so I applied 2 coats of minwax satin poly. It does have a fair amount of shine even with the satin finish, but I've used it quite some time now and the paint has stayed put. Thanks so much for your comment!