Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What's under YOUR coffee table?

If your initial response was "fish" crackers, legos, sweaty soccer socks, or dust ... I hear ya!  It all dependents what stage in our lives we our kids are in.  But, I was actually thinking more along the lines of what decor piece you have under your coffee table, or may wish to have.  I will admit, when a certain retail catalogue arrives in the mail, (yes, it does have the initials PB) I wait for a little free time to sit with a beverage and peruse.  And under the coffee table, entry table, and sometimes dresser, the snazzy stylers have usually placed a unique piece for storage.  So take the opportunity to add a little fun under your coffee table!
I knew just where this trunk would go when I spotted it.  The turquoise was even better once I cleaned the dust off!  Inside it has some of what I imagine is the original paper.  And I don't even mind that the main lock is gone.  Along with brightening the turquoise, removing the dust also gave me a better view of the writing on the right light...with my head tilted just the right way. 

This trunk at one time traveled from New York to California.  A move others in my family made many years ago.  I think this trunk will be staying with me for quite some time.

So if you're in want of a little personality and function under your table, take a load off and have a look.  And not only do they add a little fun, but trunks, boxes, baskets, and suitcases are a great place to stash the crackers, toys, and socks (only temporarily)  when the doorbell rings unexpectedly!

Black soft sided trunk, time loved leather handle SOLD

Vintage "Henggeler Packing Company" crate, name stamped on ends (unavailable)

Vintage large tweed suitcase with sweet yellow handle (sold)

Vintage painted, pink basket. A little white, black, and wicker shows thru $20 - UNAVAILABLE

Rustic grey-toned wooden crate (sold)

You've likely seen the vintage 'suitcase stack' in magazines, websites, and blogs before, but individually they also make a lively nightstand placed on a small side table.

This one stays with me : )

These you could put next to your bed...
 Vintage tween, green stipe suitcase with leather handle $ sold
Vintage limey green "Starline" suitcase $15 (interior lining in poor condition) - SOLD
Vintage brown tweed and black soft sided cases pictured above -sold

Thanks for taking a look under my coffee table!  Here's to all the things that initially popped into your head when you thought of the area under your coffee table... let's enjoy those things.  There will come a different phase in your life when you may wish you were picking fruit snacks up from under the coffee table!

-Lively grace
Contact me via email,, if you would like further pictures, measurements, or to come by and take a closer look.  Showing an interest does not commit you to purchase : ).

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