Monday, June 18, 2012

Post-sale catch up!

Shew!  I doesn't seem that it has been over a week since I had a little sale at my place.  And, WOW, I was blown away!  I was a concerned that I wouldn't have folks come with the intent of shopping my Lively Grace items.  Amazingly, lovely folks came!  A huge, big, thank you to those who came, and to those who stopped me in passing to say that you couldn't make it,but would have liked too. 

 It's a great feeling when something I've had a hand in either 'finding', 're-gracing', or painting excites someone else.  Even better when I think I can see what something could become, and someone else sees it too.  Like this metal cabinet...

I really thought it could be the coolest nightstand for a teen/tween. Uh, magnetic, so you can attach stuff to it, uh, chalkboard paint so you can doodle on it (and then change it on a whim!), and uh, did you check out the mad caster wheels??!!  But, then what if my 'idea' is not as hip to others as I think it is to me? - Yikes!  Until a visionary tween gal came, saw what I saw, and gave a little jump and clap combo when her parent's loaded it up.  I kinda wanted to clap a little too!

You would think that with a bunch of stuff sent to new homes, my garage would be all organized, awaiting more projects.  Well, the projects await, and the garage is not yet tidy!  I caught up on fun mom stuff this past week (between the usual events the week holds).  And am still trying to catch up on laundry (yep, aren't we all).  This week's agenda includes further work on a piece for my kiddo.  See, I sold his dresser!  It was in great shape, but was a laminate that had been used in his room since the day I brought him home.  I found an awesome vintage dresser a few weeks back that he liked the lines of, so his it will be!  I'll share pictures when it's complete.

Between paint drying and summer fun, I hope to post a few items that remained with me after the sale, and hope to begin working on some new items too.  

Have a great week!

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