Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Left overs; the good kind

Isn't summer grand?  Sunny days, swimming, hiking, kids out of school, yard projects, gorgeous evenings and delayed bedtimes?  I'm enjoying it all, so that's why this post (that I thought I'd have out last week) is just posting now.  And why the garage that I figured would be straightened and organized, still doesn't quite have a spot for my car.  Oh, did I mention it's also yard sale season?  That may have something to do with the lack of tidiness in my garage.  But it has sure added to the lovely junkness of the place! (in my world, junkness is a word)

 Here's a few left overs from the lawn sale.  Not the kind that you keep for a while then throw out.  These left overs are 'tasty'!

 Super fab shab sidetable  

 If you want a little background on the shabby story, check it out here.

Sweet spindles twin headboard

 Check out a few more pics here!

Yellow chalkboard $18
measures 20 X 24 

These make a fun wedding gift!  
(Hmmm... not the best pic, sorry.  It's a warmer yellow with a lot of great texture to the wood.  It was one of those gorgeous evenings that started to get away from me!)

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I'm off to enjoy a summery day!

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