Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Lively Grace Lawn Sale!

Yes, a lawn sale.  Imagine an up-cycled yard sale where a bunch of great finds have been gathered together.  Some have been re-graced, and some pieces the dirt and cobwebs have been removed!  I'm looking forward to setting up, it will be different compared to a flea market booth where I am limited on space.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I wait in anticipation for the next Wildhare Flea Market, just thinking it may be fun to spread out this time!  I also just have stuff to get rid of...I have just 1 child, so the clothes and toys he's outgrown are in great condition!  I also have a family, and since I live on a corner, they thought my place would be a great location to clean out their stuff too.
So, if you're local, or local enough, stop by!  Friday 3pm-6pm and Saturday 8-2.  I hesitate to put too much personal info on line, but check the Idaho State Journal for the add, or general directions are to find your way to East Chubbuck road and drive to the round-a-bout.  You'll enter into Hartland Estates (the only subdivion to turn into) and you'll see it as you come in!

Hope to see you this weekend!

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