Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Post FleaMakret Thank You & Giveaway Winner

Amazing!  That's how I would describe the Wildhare FleaMarket, and the biggest part of the amazingness was all the lively folks that stopped into my booth! 
 Thank you all so much!

  This is how it initially looked;  then the amazingness swooped in, purchases were made, and the look of my booth quickly changed -yay!  If you stopped in later on Friday or on Saturday, my booth had a different look.  I'm a fusser and could spend a full day reconfiguring a booth, and certainly as items move on to new homes.  A big thank you to Danielle from Antique Recreation for snapping a quick photo of my booth, just before we opened on Friday.  I wish I had a photo of her booth.  I hope you were able to see it and visit with her.  She is even more lovely than her furniture!

I owe a big thank you to my "support staff" also. 

This is my dad, helping me set up for my first ever fleamarket.  He hasn't missed one yet.  You may have even met him, either while he watches my booth while I'm out shopping (also a role my mom frequently takes on) or while he was out shopping and visiting with other vendors.  My mom is a wonderful support who has helped me scrub, paint, price, display, and yes, holding down the booth.  She has somehow avoided the camera.  And let me say, I have amazing in-laws.  Who else would scrub dirt off old wood?  Oh, that would be my mother-in-law.  Plus, those 3 truck loads I mentioned on facebook on the day we loaded into the fairgrounds?  Yes, my in-laws are wonderful people!

My husband avoids the photos too.  He is a big help behind the scenes and all throughout the year.  I now have huge industrial racks (yes- like the ones Home Depot uses to hold 2X4's) in the garage, just for organizing and storing the Lively Grace inventory.  Thank you!

And a thank you to the kiddo!  He's a great hauler, helper, and booth worker, assuring me he could independently run the 'square' card reader while I made the rounds at Wildhare this past weekend.  My how time flies!

(Photo from a previous flea market)


Lots of thanks to all who entered my giveaway for this cabinet door, re-graced into a shabby chalkboard.  Amanda Baker is the lucky winner-yay!  
Send me a text, email, or  facebook message, Amanda and we'll coordinate a time you can pick it up.

Have a lively week!

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