Friday, March 8, 2013

A few of my favorite things!

Hi all,

I'm in full prep mode for the WildHare FleaMarket- just 2 weeks away!  Friday, March 22, 10-7 pm  & 23  9-5 at the Bannock County Fairgrounds!!  Entry is just $1, kiddos under 12 are free!

My current projects will be heading to the market, but I was hoping to get you in the mood for Fleamarket shopping by sharing some of my favorite finds.  Now, these lovelies live with me, and as favorites, I don't see these going to the market.  BUT, I pick what I love... And I am loving so many things I have in store for my booth!  I hope this puts you in the mood to hunt!

Oh, how I heart the contrast of orange and teal.  Add that to the opposing textures of metal and old wood? - I'm in!  This duo usually resides in my studio, but it is currently not in a photographic state ... it's in flea market prep messy state.

Vintage lockers with a fun story you can read here.  I couldn't pass up this shipping box from years ago with amazing hand stenciled typography when I came across it.  Imagine the stories it could tell!  The postage stamps are quite worn, I need to do a little research to see when those stamps were used to help date it.  Any stamp collectors out there?

This cabinet was one of the first pieces I painted specifically for our current home.  The metal basket is from a vintage shopping cart that I came across in Pocatello.  Here I go again with distressed paint & metal, this time topped off with a hint of typography plus a pillow for softness!

Another of my fav painted pieces is a vintage dresser than currently serves as our tv console ... and was my first try at using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, take a look here.

Well, I guess this part of the 'studio' looks somewhat tidy ....

And my big vintage window.  It changes with the seasons ... sometimes with more decorations, sometimes with less.  Right now I'm happy with a simple boxwood wreath and the chippy paint.  I'm ready for more green to sprout outside.


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Hope to see you at the Wildhare FleaMarket!


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