Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A booth full!

Hello friends!
Ladies Night at Changing Seasons was such fun!  Such fun in fact, I was chatting away and didn't snap any photos that night- oops!  Luckily, I did pull out the camera while re-organizing the garage after un-loading.  I realized a couple things. 
 1.  It is much easier to have an amazing junk pile in the garage, than amazing junk organized onto industrial size shelves.  
2.  I do have a better idea of just what I have when it is not in a pile (thanks for the amazing shelves, hon). 
 3.  My 'keep' pile to use in my home grows when I re-discover some of my finds!

This post is almost as good as shopping my booth!  So, take your time to look around, and see what you'd like to add to your 'keep' pile!  

Contact me via:  208-3nine0-eight653 (text or call), or email livelygrace@me.com.  You are also likely to see these goodies on Facebook and can leave comments!

Old White detailed side table - sold
measures:  25"W, 25"D, 21.5" H
Although it appears to be two, it is just one amazingly detailed drawer!  Slides smoothly.

Vintage ACME icecream bucket- sold

Large pinecone- SOLD
Candle holders  $6 (set of 2)
(Not real silver, but they have a good look!)

Vintage French Language Instruction  Record set $22
Case has great patina!  Typography inside states NYC.  Records included.  

Sweetest dresser!  -Sold
This is a laminate piece, with the sweetest lines!  If it was solid wood the price would be quite different for me and you.  Perfect, though for a statement piece, or for a little girl's room.  The dresser in my bedroom is also a laminate, sealed the same as this one, and has held up great!  This piece has 3 drawers, the bottom drawer is double deep.
Measures:  38"W, 17" D, 33" H

Sears Pilgrim hat box $18
Knobby white lamp & shade $14
Blue ball jars with zinc lids - sold

3 Tiered Side Table in French Linen Chalk Paint-SOLD
measures:  16 W, 12"D, 30" H
Great legs, sweet little drawer and lots of display room for a small footprint!

Blue Baby Ben Clock - sold
Winds and ticks, but doesn't last long - sweet for displaying a time special to you!

Vase reduced - SOLD

Set of 4 placements & napkins
Reduced $6
(Look like they have never been used!)

Scalloped Edge Cloche 

Sidetable in Versaille Chalkpaint - sold
2 drawers, great texture, gorgeous statement piece!
measures:  27" W, 16" D, 25" H

Vintage "Royal- Quite Deluxe"  Typewriter reduced - sold
comes with that sweet case!

Vintage Sheet Music Wreath - Sold (I could make another)

Lovingly worn green trunk 
measures: 34"W, 20" D, 13" H

Ammo box  reduced - SOLD
Great typography, secured with nails, very clean interior
measures:  32" W 12" D,  7.5" H

Galvanized bucket with handle
reduced SOLD
Has a dent on part of the bottom- perfect for planting, still works great for filling up!

This could be a great coffee table with wheels added.  Very hip at the end of a boy's bed for stacking blanket or Legos on!  Or soften the look and paint it white!  Tip it on end for a nightstand, or fill it with DVDs and slide it under your coffee table (that's where one of my favorite trunks lives!)

Did I mention it has labels?!

Re-Graced Vintage Tool Caddy - sold
measures:  36"D,  7.5" W, 12" H
Contents not included.  Fun I had filling it up? - Priceless : )

Have a wedding coming up?  Bet the bride and groom don't have one of these!

Contact me via:  208-3nine0-eight653 (text or call), or email livelygrace@me.com.  

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Oh, how can you part with that little number in French linen??? I couldn't do it... Love it! Your photos look amazing!!!