Saturday, May 18, 2013

Upcoming event & KPVI MORE show!

Lively Grace will be at 
Ladies Night at Changing Seasons, 
a lovely nursery with home decor, 
Thursday May 23 6-9 pm!

I feel as though my blog has been kicked to the curb during my kiddo's soccer season, but I love cheering him on and just would not miss it!  So, my Lively Grace time has been spent purchasing, cleaning, painting, hunting, and preparing amazing goodness for this upcoming event.  I even swung by the KPVI studio for a little segment (link below!) , and planned some more appearances with Matt and Libby!  A big thank you to Changing Seasons for supplying me with some gorgeous flowers!  

Follow me on  Facebook  for updates and a few sneaks as the week progresses.  I won't be able to offer any pre-sales on items posted, however.  If you're not able to make it, I'll be posting items still available on my blog.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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