Thursday, March 27, 2014

FleaMarket Fave!

Let me just say this was my first favorite find at last weekends Wildhare Vintage Flea Market.
I saw it during a quick once-thru on Friday.  Lucky for me I had some gals in my booth as Friday closed down, and the vendor with this sweet soap dish had closed up for the night.  

Saturday morning, I brought in a few new items to put in my booth, and got busy re-displaying some items.  Next thing you know, the doors opened and my booth was busy - yay!

Sometime, mid-morning, there was a lull in the crowd.  Lucky for me, no other vintage lover had spotted this creamy soap dish!  It is molded in the back where it hung on a wall.  It must have not seen much use, though.  It doesn't show much age, and the finish doesn't have a chip!

Yeah, I don't imagine moss holding my soap will be very effective for keeping the soap or my hands clean … but I couldn't resist, that Spring Fever is strong!
What did you find at the Wildhare Vintage FleaMarket, last weekend?! 
I'd love to see!!

Share a photo of your favorite find from last weekend, either by email or post on my Facebook page, and I'll choose some of them to share with all of you next week.  Sounds fun … don't you think?
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Sounds fun … don't you think?

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