Thursday, March 20, 2014

Guess Who {Wildhare Vintage Flea 3/2014}

Guess who...
 -planned to take photos with my nice camera, just to share with you tonight...

but apparently, left the camera on yesterday while grabbing some 'sneak' shots, and drained the battery.

But Guess Who's Mom snapped some pics with her phone, after helping her daughter load, unload, and display 3 trucks worth of finds.  (A big thank you to my dad,  husband, and mother-in-law;  I couldn't do it without your help!)

Guess who...
 did get drawer pulls put on that sweet dresser...
 and then left the mall, drove to pick up a great kiddo from soccer, and arrived home...

to realize I still had a pencil I had been using for pricing stuck thru my messy bun.  
And Guess Who's pretty excited about tomorrow?!
- Hope to see you all there!  My booth is to the right after you enter.  The Wildhare Vintage Flea Market is being held at the Pine Ridge Mall, next to Herberger's;  Friday 10-7pm (early bird tickets in at 9am for $5) and Saturday 10-5.  Entry fee is only $2, children 12 and under free.





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