Sunday, March 23, 2014

What a weekend!!!

The Wildhare Vintage Flea Market was a hoot!

A sincere thank you to everyone who came!  I saw faces I knew that were newcomers to the market, fabulous gals & guys that have shopped my booth before, and friends.  I chatted about junk with people I just met, and had a huge smile when some said,  "I follow you on your blog" - I was soaring!

You may have imagined my Sunday to be like this…

along with Sunday services...understanding that prepping, loading, hauling, pricing, displaying, then re-loading and hauling what was left may have left a gal tired. ( uh, not to mention shopping other booths!)

Instead, I was doing this…

 cheering, feeding, and concessionstand volunteering during  my son's school basketball tournament.  Thank goodness I was not playing, I have a terrible lay-up!  I knew it would be a busy weekend, but it worked out like a dream! I have lovely junkin' friends who are also vendors who were so kind to cover my booth~I didn't miss a game~ and had a successful Fleamarket!

Later this week I'll plan to share some of my finds, work on sorting some Fleamarket 'leftovers' to post for sale plus re-organize what I have, and get my house back in order.  You know when you group dirty laundry by order of importance and run 1 load?  That's where I am tonight, and so thankful for it all!
-Jen (happy on the couch in sweatpants!)

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