Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pickets and baskets!

 To purchase an item, please call of text 208-390-8653.  I am located in Chubbuck, Idaho and offer my items locally.
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 Pickets and baskets!

"BE" sign $10
I can't take credit here … this was a found item.  Someone did a great job!
Ready to hang, measures 4 feet long, 7 inches tall

Large Prince Apple Basket $10
18 inches in diameter, 12 inches tall

Apple Baskets $8 each
A great size and patina for photography props of littles! 
14 inches in diameter, 9 inches tall

Chippy Paint Pickets!  ~sold
Oh, the ideas on Pinterest!
Height varies 40-50 inches tall, 3.5 inches wide.

Large Baskets ~ sold
These are great for laundry… I just didn't want to haul my dirty laundry out in front of all my neighbors… I'll only share that with you!  Sorry,  chalkboard tags not included, but the idea is!  

My kiddo now does great separating his laundry.  I have used these for a few years, they are in good used condition.  Also great for toys (I used them for that too!)
16 inches in diameter, 14 inches tall

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